BallisticAces Released by BattleGateGames

“You’re welcome.”
… Anyway, if you want to get some tank-on-tank action going on, BattleGateGames has released BallisticAces, their new armored combat game.

The BattleGateGames website is sort of a one-stop shop for everything you need to play. You can get the figures. You can get the cards. You can get the dice. You can even get the terrain. The rules, of course, you can get… for free. Yeah, go ahead and download and check out the rules before you put your order in.


  • jeff fearnow

    man what

    10 1/72 mobile arty for $19usd? Oh hell yea!


    something about the site…a whiff? a hint? Fish. Fishy.

    Does anyone have any info? What language are they translating from?


    I know it’s not really close but I cannot stop reading BALLISTICACES as BALL SACKS.

    • DB

      “I know you put your heart into painting this Fanticide army, Keith, but nobody wants to play with you any more.

      “Deb has convulsions when you bring your Shooters to the table, Tom says your arachnid Peeves remind him of a nightmarish date he had in Jersey City, and frankly, your army leaves hair all over my terrain…”