Baelor and Armorcast Release the Raider

Baelor Miniatures released their new Raider Killbot over on Armorcast’s website.



From the release:

Baelor Miniatures and Armorcast are happy to announce the release of the Raider, a maniacal carnivorous killbot for all of your post-apocalyptic or sci-fi needs. Fast and agile, the raider is not high on processing power, but it makes up for that with a chain-blade feeding apparatus that fills its conversion chamber rapidly and bloodily.

We have Raiders up as singles in the Armorcast store, but if you want a three-pack, check back in a day or so.

We are also planning a combi-pack with one Reaver and two Raiders. If you don’t know what a Reaver is, you’d better hit the Baelor Store and find out!