Bad Dad Gaming releases double-ended paintbrushes

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 2nd, 2012

Bad Dad Gaming is now selling double-ended paintbrushes for you to paint models held a small distance apart from one-another… I’m kidding about that, but I’m sure someone out there will try it at some point.

From their release:

Bad Dad Gaming has developed a new paintbrush for blending and general use that aims to solve some of the problems that a lot of painters have with any two-brush technique, namely that you have to HOLD two brushes, or you’re constantly picking up and putting down brushes, or putting them in your mouth to hold.

If that’s ever been you, this new brush will solve your problems.

This brush is a high-quality Kolinsky Sable (the finest natural hairs for painting) brush equivalent to a Windsor Newton Series 7 or Raphael 8404, but instead of getting one brush for $10-12 dollars you get a brush on both ends for only $15 (a savings of 25% versus buying two brushes). The BIGGEST advantage to having a double-ended brush is that you can focus on painting, and less on holding your brushes and taking your attention from the miniature.

It means that if you can twirl a pen in your fingers you can have the convenience of two colors, two brushes and super-easy blending techniques in a convenient, affordable package.If you’ve ever struggled with two brushes you can see immediately the advantage to this design.

Bad Dad Gaming will also be looking to expand the product line soon. Right now the two brushes are the same size on each brush, roughly a #1 size, but eventually there will be both smaller and larger brushes, as well as the potential to have brushes of different sizes on the same handle.

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  • I foresee this product resulting in many ruined shirts..

  • BadDadGaming

    Maybe. But you’ve got to live dangerously. I’ve been using them personally for about 2 months now and they’ve really simplified a lot of painting tasks. I’m also working on holders for them so you don’t have to put one point down in your painting cup all the time and different size, as I mentioned.

    Try one out and see what you think!

  • scarletsquig

    Neat, sounds like a unique and interesting new idea!

  • Osbad

    Is using 2 brushes really that much of a challenge to us these days?