Back 2 Base-ix Release Their Own Brush Line

Back 2 Base-ix is proud to present its own line of fine detail hobby painting brushes:

From their announcement:

Having taken a slightly new approach to design, but also incorporating attributes that you have come to know and enjoy from any brush, we’re sure you’ll enjoy putting these to plenty of use with your favourite kits and models.

  • combatpainter

    I don’t encourage blue title on blue background. Good luck!

  • Myrthe

    Cool concept but the $10 price tag seems a bit high to pay for it.

    The shaft of the brush will last forever compared to the bristles.
    A way to let air in when using it as a cap would be nice to allow damp bristles to dry rather than get moldy.

    • back2base-ix

      Thanks for the comments guys. As an added not, the cap/handle has a small hole in the tip. No moisture will be trapped 🙂

      • Myrthe

        Thanks for dropping in with the added information. That’s great and I may have to give one of these a try. Good luck with the line !!

        • back2base-ix

          Thanks for asking, simply something I forgot to add to the description =)