Baccus year-end retrospectiv e

Pete at Baccus has posted a look back at their 2009 releases and posted some information about their upcoming releases in 2010.

From their website:

Staggering on its last legs, the credit crunch ridden and economic crisis laden year of 2009 is wobbling to its final destination paving the way for a brand new and optimistic credit crunch ridden and economic crisis laden 2010 to take up the burden. To be perfectly honest if another person says ‘in the current climate’ to me once more, I will physically restrain them and force feed them strips of 6mm figures until they apologise and promise never to say it again ever, even it is only to themselves while looking in a mirror.

Before I start on this section, I do have an admission to make. By previous year’s standards we’ve actually had a pretty lean time in terms of new releases. The reason for this is very simple in that we’ve been kept exceptionally busy on the production side of things keeping up with demand. Now while we can only view this a Good Thing, it has taken us by surprise and taken up most of the time that we would normally use for product development. The good news is that I’m working on sorting this out for next year so things should start to pick up in terms of new products.