Baccus update

Baccus have posted notice of their price increase as well as some new 6mm releases.

From their website:?

The deed is now done. The threatened price increase is now in place and will be applied to all orders placed from now own. Well done to all of those of you canny enough to get in your orders before the deadline. I’m afraid that this has created a bit of problem as we have rather a large backlog to work through. If your order does not arrive with its usual punctuality please bear with us – we will get then sorted out and they will be charged at the old prices.

As if this all wasn’t enough, the Partizan show is almost upon us, and the weekend after that the Baccus travelling roadshow is on its way down to Newbury for Colours. We’ve had some pre-orders arrive for both shows, but there is still plenty of time to get them in for Colours, less so for Partizan.

There are some imminent new releases with the resculpted Republican Romans bursting out of their moulds in their eagerness to get to you. Not quite there yet, but there will certainly be limited stocks available at Partizan – it will be first come, first served.

A few new releases that have made it, albeit without piccies as yet are three codes to complete the Napoleonic Spanish. There are mounted and dismounted guerillas and some casualty markers. .

There are loads more new goodies in the pipeline for the coming months, so please do keep checking in to see what 6mm goodness will be coming your way in the rest of 2010.