Azogames launches Acrylic and Wood Gaming Accessories Kickstarter

Azogames is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of acrylic and wood gaming tokens, accessories, deck boxes and more.

Azo Games


From the campaign:

Azogames: the story so far

Earlier this year a friend acquired a laser engraver for his business, and offered to let me use it for a weekend or two to experiment and make some gaming items. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I spent all of my free time that week designing tokens, turn trackers, and other odds and ends to make. The members of my gaming group and I covered the cost of materials, and by our next meeting I had a big box of goodies to give out.

Since then my tokens and other items have been seen at a number of local events. I’ve had many positive comments and requests to make more, but without my own equipment I can’t meet the demand for what I’ve already designed, or bring new ideas to life – and I have a lot of new ideas!

As summer approached I began to seriously research what it would take to purchase my own equipment and set up a small shop so that I can continue to produce accessories for the games we love to play. I am finally ready to put the project out there and ask for help with the next step. I’m very excited about the possibilities that lay ahead!

  • Gallant

    I generally try to be positive about stuff on here, but you used your buddy’s laser and you now want $30K for your Kickstarter? Seriously? Is this now just gamer welfare?

  • Haibane

    He’s done the design work and effectively made samples using borrowed equipment but needs capital for his own equipment to make the product in sufficient quantity to make it available to the public.

    Pledging gets you the products you like and the satisfaction of helping those products reach the open market. Seems exactly what Kickstarter is for to me.