offer washes and pigments is now offering a range of washes and weathering pigments.

From their announcement: is aimed toward providing customers with High Quality Products at the lowest prices possible. The biggest things we are known for is our extensive line weathering pigments and washes.

While washes are the norm, many companies lack a variety. We currently have 14 colors available and are constantly formulating new colors.

Pigments have been used for many years in the scale model community but is fairly new to a large percentage of the table top gaming community. These items are usually high priced due to overseas shipments and inflation. So we decided to source things here in the US and make them as cheap as we could while still keeping the quality as high as our competitors. With 12 colors to choose from you are bound to find something you like. And it has a price that wont have you feeling buyers remorse.

Come on by and take a look at the store or watch one of many YouTube Video Paint tutorials we have up. Even if you don’t find anything you want to buy, at least you know we’re here.