Aventine release Triarii in bronze armour

Aventine Miniatures have released new 28mm early bronze armoured Triarii miniatures.


From their announcement:

We have started releasing our Republican Roman range that we have designed to cover from the Pyrrhic wars to the Punic Wars. The first figures we released were two sets of velites to which we will add two more packs of leves and a personality set for flavour.

The latest releases are the early bronze armoured Triarii in standing pose. There are 4 different armour types and a command pack. These will be added to later this week by the addition of 3 packs of chainmail standing Triarii with a command pack. We see the packs being mixed together chainmail with bronze. The earlier the unit the more bronze, the later more chainmail.

The rest of the range will follow as soon as we can get them ready. Hastati will follow the Triarii with Principes after them. We will add officers, cavalry, light horse, light foot and anything else we can dream up after we have the core infantry ready.