Aventine release Armoured Successor Elelphants

Aventine Miniatures have released new 28m Armoured Successor Elelphants.


From their announcement:

We have finished our current run of elephants with two Armoured Successor elephants and towers. They have scale armour on the front of the animal’s body and on the trunk. There are two different bodies and two heads that can be interchanged. We have also added another crew set to the list, this one has two archers and a javelinman. We decided to offer another crew set comprising 3 archers for the towers, this is a combination of the archers from ELHC003+4. We also created an extra trunk to fit the head on ELH005, this has a male wrapped up in it. This figure is modelled wearing mail, bareheaded and with greaves. The rest of the elephants that we inteded to do have been put back to allow work on a Republican Roman range to start. These will initially be for the Pyrrhic War and then with extra packs added, take it into the Punic period.

Adam and Keith woould like to wish all our supporters a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.