Aventine finish Republican Roman Heavy infantry

Aventine Miniatures have released the last of their 28mm Heavy infantry figures for their Republican Roman range of figures.

Triarii ready

From their announcement:

We have now finished the Advancing mail armoured Principes and can now offer the Republican Roman Army deal. This has been based on the FOG Mid. Republican Roman list. It has 56 figures that would normally sell at £58 but are only £50. They also go towards the banded discounts within the shop meaning that if you buy two army deals and one other pack to bring the total to over £100 a further 12.5% is deducted at the checkout. Thus each deal would be £43.75 for 56 figures.

We are almost finished with the Principes (there are 72 different figures in mail), the bronze armoured Principes figures will appear soon along with stationary Hastati. Next up will be the Tarentine cavalry, the Roman Heavy cavalry and “Generals”.