Avatars of War releases new Hordes of Apocalypse models

Avatars of War released new Hordes of Apocalypse over in their webstore. Go check ’em out.

From the update:

Preceding the expected arrival of the Dwarves in November, the Hordes of Apocalypse continue to expand.

This month new releases will allow you to add to your army the sock forces Pestilence, the Corrupters of Apocalypse, with three new items.

-Corrupters of Apocalypse with great weapons (regiment of 17 multipart WarCast plastic miniatures: 14 troopers plus musician, leader and standard bearer)
-Corrupters of Apocalypse command group (3 multipart WarCast plastic miniatures).
-Champion of Pestilence (One metal miniature).

  • KelRiever

    I love the models.

    But seriously, is this company just going to reproduce the entire GW line? Because it looks like that’s the way its headed.

    Even Mantic has at least ONE model that isn’t convertible to Warhammer. Or did. Who knows what they are up to now?

  • 4tonmantis

    I think at this point that’s kinda like saying “can Indy comics companies stop drawing characters that look like Marvel or DC?”. GW has essentially defined what fantasy models are. You see it in cars and tvs.. comic books and movies. Not to mention that their sculptor was originally at least a part time sculptor for GW. You wouldn’t ask former Disney artists to stop drawing like Disney characters..

    • Daniel36

      Can’t agree with you there. There is a difference between Dwarfs who have the viking thing going on and orange-haired, mohawk sporting, half naked Dwarfs with axes in their hand going berserk. One simply takes inspiration from the same source, the other is copying. Same goes for their daemon models. They are more than obviously Khorne and Nurgle. It’s not “drawing like Disney”… it’s “copying Disney”. It’s no secret they are aiming for Warhammer players with their line. Their model range is really nice, but for all intents and purposes, they ARE copying WH stuff. Which is fine with me.

  • jedijon

    Um, Kings of War – people ride pigmen. But mass battle…yeah, not much innovation there.

    Although AT43, there’s some cases to be made there.

    • Veritas

      Did you mean Warpath? AT-43 is that dead as a door nail Rackham game.

      • jedijon

        Nope – meant what I said. We’re talking about what’s derivative. Doesn’t need to be extant, breathing, or making dough to be either A) copy-cat or B) freshtastically awesomesauce. I can’t speak for KR though – his comment does reference fairly current releases in two contemporary ranges…so maybe he intended to keep this thing more current?

        I was mostly picking up where 4ton left off…that you could (and lots of people do 😉 say there’s nothing new under the son.

    • keltheos

      Wasn’t AT-43 a derivitive of DUST after Parente took his toys and left Rackham?

      • jedijon

        ? So all of those AT-43 armies are present in other mass battle games…particularly in the DUST universe. Yup! I suppose the derivation of its reason to exist might somehow invalidate the subsequent creativity evinced in their armies. Sounds pretty ontological to me! Maybe we’ve got some priests in the crowd?