Avatars of War makes it to their funding goal

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 26th, 2012
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Avatars of War has made it up and past their $20k goal and so they will be funded for their new Dwarf faction. Congratulations.

From the happy game-makers:

With the addition of the ltd. Edition army standard bearer (only available through the campaign), this weekend has been a total blast for the Dwarf army funding campaign.

Not only we have reached the goal, but you have even gone further, funding Bear Warriors and the treasure Hunters!

Less than 48 hours to go, and the Dwarf King mounted on great War bear is round the corner, as are now the Dwarf Pathfinders!

Thanks so much to all of you!! You can expect the best from my Dwarfy sculpting skill!!! This is going to be the king of Dwarf armies! 😉

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  • skullking

    It should be noted that an update was sent out this morning said that you can exchange 5 figures (I’m assuming not any of the larger ones like the minotaur or the mounted Orc) for any of the existing Avatar of War figures. At the $200 level, this is only around $10 a figure for any of these great models.