Avatars of War Indiegogo campaign new perks

Avatars of War has 10 days left to go for their campaign and are a little more than halfway to their goal. To help out, they’ve posted up some new perks.

From the update:

We have made some updates to the perks!
Removed the ones that were not interesting for you, and added new ones.
I think the AoW mega-subscription raffle is specially tempting 🙂

Also, the tour has gone down to US$1000, so now if you find three friends to do the tour with you it is $250 per person to spend 5 days in Barcelona during this summer, and get to play in AoW HQ against my Berserker army after a nice day at the beach!

Well, I really hope you find the new perks a nice addition to the campaign and we get to our goal!

Thanks so much to all contributors!

  • TomasT

    Not going so well… Too bad, but I’m not surprised.
    Dwarves… really?
    Another sort of tin can. How much better can they get?

    Well… let me know if AoW does Dark elves… then I’m supporting it.

  • maxxev

    IMO less to do with the race and more to do with the ammount, 20k was too big a goal for the fisrt target, especially on indiegogo.

    Better off asking for 5k, then pushing for the next goal IMO.

    • Bobofreak

      I dont know they popped to $13500 in 2 days. I think they will make it. I hope they do nothing wrong with more dwarves.

  • Bewulf

    Especially since they have strech goals listed that are below the overall campaign goal, which does not make sense for a fixed funding campaign.

    And what about the shipping costs on some of the perks? If everyone has to pay the same shipping costs for a certain perk why not safe the backer the hassle and include the shipping costs in the perk amount and say “free shipping”?

    Finally trying to hold a raffle when it is clearly against the Indiegogo terms of service.

    Beautiful miniatures, but the campaign could have been much better executed.

  • Argate

    Agree maxxev, but Indiegogo is good as kickstarter, some miniatures project on idiegogo arrive to 90000 euros and Bushido campaign raise 25000 $ for only five miniatures. I well know on kickstarter some project arrived to 3000.000 $ (video game), but idiegogo have more potential: project from every where and everyone whit a paypal account can doing a donation (not in kickstarter, where you must be an american citizen). The real issue of indiegogo is all big project run on kickstarter and only few well designed campaign can be found on indiegogo (many indiegogo campaign are practically shit…). IMHO, AoW campaign issue is about project appeal and not well planned marketing.