TGN at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Day 1 – San Diego Comic-Con

Day 2 – San Diego Comic-Con

Day 3 – San Diego Comic-Con

Day 4 – San Diego Comic-Con

Day 4 –

San Diego Comic-Con is over! A spectacular convention it was. Even with all the photos I took, panels I went too and exhibit hall walked, there was still so much more to do. No way can 1 person cover the entire convention in just one visit.

I had a great time this year, got to hang out with some great people, catch up with old friends and see all the new things that will be coming out later this year.

I will get some sleep and do a big post in the morning, but check out the pictures for more information 😉


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Forge World releases Imperial Armour Aeronautica

Forge World releases new rules for their Imperial Armour.

From their release:

A brand new Forge World supplement book for Warhammer 40,000, Imperial Armour Aeronautica, written by Neil Wylie, contains fully updated 6th Edition rules for 34 flyers and 13 anti-aircraft units fielded by the Imperial Navy, Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Tyranids, Tau Empire, Necrons, Dark Eldar and Chaos.
These include complete rules for two brand new aircraft: the Space Marine Storm Eagle Assault Gunship and the Imperial Navy Avenger Strike Fighter.
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Fantasy Flight Games talks about Organized Play with X-Wing Miniatures Game

Fantasy Flight Games is launching their new Star Wars Miniature Game, X-Wing and will be running some tournaments and demos at GenCon.

From their announcement:

This year at Gen Con Indy, Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play for X-Wing™ gets started with the inaugural Star Wars: X-Wing tournament!

In X-Wing, the miniatures game of tactical space combat, powerful Rebel X-wings collide with nimble Imperial TIE fighters. Whether you field rookie pilots or legends like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, the beautifully detailed miniatures and intuitive gameplay will immerse you in the game’s cinematic space dogfights. The epic space battles of X-Wing are designed to be every bit as dramatic and action-packed as those from the classic Star Wars trilogy, and the action is magnified when you play X-Wing as part of the game’s worldwide Organized Play community!
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Privateer Press announces Iron Kingdoms Core Rule Book

Privateer Press announces the Iron Kingdoms Core Rule Book, a role-playing book to take you into the Iron Kingdoms.

From their site:

Embark upon a journey of adventure and intrigue in a steam-powered world fueled by magic and contested with gunfire and steel. Armed with mechanika and accompanied by mighty steamjacks, explore the soot-covered cities of the Iron Kingdoms and the fell ruins of ancient powers.

This essential full-color guide to the award-winning Iron Kingdoms setting equips you with:

A robust, elegant rules system crafted especially for the world of the Iron Kingdoms. This system builds upon the rules foundation of the critically acclaimed WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures games to meet the complex needs of a roleplaying game.
Rules for character creation and advancement that let you take on the role of iconic Iron Kingdoms characters like fell callers, field mechaniks, gun mages, warcasters, and more.
Details on diverse playable races: humans, gobbers, Iosans, Nyss, ogrun, Rhulfolk, and trollkin.
Crafting systems that enable you to explore the mysteries of mechanika and alchemy.
A comprehensive overview of life in the Iron Kingdoms and the history of western Immoren.

Product Information
PIP Code: 405
Price: $59.99*
*Product information and prices subject to change

Games Workshop posts a new Warhammer 40k trailer

Games Workshop posts up a new teaser for Warhammer 40k. We will find out what it is on 6-23-12.

From their post:

+++Transmission intercepted, advanced encryption override initiated+++

Servitor 13 has just intercepted this video link. At present we have no firm details as to what it is about, but it appears to be related to Warhammer 40,000. Since intercepting this transmission, communication with the Studio has fallen suspiciously silent. Servo-skulls have been sent in to investigate – we will let you know of any future developments.

Games Workshop goes Digital

Games Workshop makes a new announcement today, that they are launching their first digital products.

From their announcement:

And there you were thinking there was only one blog post today! So, what’s going on?

Today we launch Games Workshop’s very first digital products.

Now that is some pretty big news, I think you’ll agree. To find out more about these new products, we’ve created an article on the website telling you what we’ve got coming out and providing a link to the Apple iBookstore where you can peruse our first downloadable products.

The Techpriests in our digital department have created nine products so far, ranging from painting guides and Scrolls of Binding to the entirety of Codex: Space Marines (complete with plenty of extra bonus material), all of which will be available to download today from the Apple iBookstore. To see a bit more of Codex: Space Marines in digital format, check out the video below.

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Worthy Painting and Mini Wargaming Giveaway

Our friends over at MiniWarGaming and Worthy Painting are having a giveaway. Now is your chance to win a 40k Box set, by getting on their Facebook Page and leaving a comment. Go Check it out!

From their announcement:

Want to win one of 6 free battleforces / battalions? All you have to do is:

1. “Like” their facebook page.
2. “Like” the post.
3. Leave a comment on the post stating which 40k Battleforce or Fantasy Battalion you want.

Winners will be randomly chosen and sent the battleforce or battalion of their choice, as long as it is still available, with FREE shipping.

Soda Pop Miniatures launches Tentacle Bento Kickstarter

Soda Pop Miniatures has just launched a kickstarter for their new party card game, Tentacle Bento.

From their launch:

Soda Pop Miniatures has just launched it’s kickstarter for Tentacle Bento! Their first card game, Soda Pop takes a cheeky look at a snatch and grab fest where you and your opponents take on the roll of sneaky alien monsters… disguised as lovely transfer students. Catch the most girls and win the game.
As our first self-published effort, we are greatly appreciative for our communities support, and seek the broader games communities support in helping us get this little gem to print! Check our our kickstarter to find out more!

Kickstarter Link Here.

We so ‘umbly thank you!

Flame War – The Card Game of Extreme Moderation is funded!

Flame War has hit their funded level on Kickstarter. Bring the fun on internet flame wars to the tabletop!

From their post:

Flame War is a stand-alone card game where each player takes the roll of a forum admin. Starting threads, posting, flaming, maybe some trolling, and perhaps even bringing up a certain Pony that might in fact be little and belong to someone you know…

Closing down threads scores you points, and the player who scores the most points when the game ends wins.

Check out the Game Play here!

Privateer Press seeks metal and resin casters

Privateer Press is hiring for casters. If you have ever wanted to work making miniatures, this is the job for you.

From their site:

Resin and pewter casters needed – various shifts. Factory is located in Bellevue, WA. Medical and dental insurance provided after probationary period.

Primary tasks for pewter casting include determining machine settings for a given part, adjusting those settings to improve part quality, and carefully opening the molds to remove the cast parts without damaging the parts or the molds.

Primary tasks for resin include cleaning molds and preparing molds for casting, filling the molds, placing them in the appropriate machine, and carefully opening the molds to remove the cast parts without damaging the parts or the molds.
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TableTop Episode 3: Zombie Dice, Get Bit! & Tsuro

Geek and Sundry has posted the 3rd Episode of TableTop, where they play Zombie Dice, Get Bit and Tsuro!

From their post:

Wil Wheaton and guests Ryan Higa (creator and star of the YouTube channel “Nigahiga”), Rod Roddenberry (Producer and CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment), and Freddie Wong (creator and star of the YouTube channel “freddiew”) play Zombie Dice, Get Bit and Tsuro!
Continue reading does a call out for concept artists does a call out for artists. Do you have what it takes?

From their post:

Hey all,

We are currently searching for concept artists who would be willing to work and design for us. If you think you’ve got what it takes, hit us up at Please attach some examples of your work (drawings of faces, figures, weapons or vehicles) or a link to your portfolio if you are badass enough to have one.



Crocodile Games releases free Greek Command Counters

Crocodile Games releases their new free Greek Command Counters.

From their site:

We are pleased to announce two new sets of Command Counters for WarGods — for the Mycenae and Sparta warbands. These are just what you need to spruce up your warband on the field of battle!

Created by the graphic design talents of Wyatt the Odd, watch for more Command Counters coming in the near future!

Download your Command Counters today for free from Crocodile Games: here!

Reaper Miniatures has new releases across the board

Reaper Miniatures has new releases for Pathfinder, Warlord, Dark Heaven Legends and Savage Worlds.

From their site:

Happy new release day! Just because we’re a mere TWO WEEKS AWAY FROM REAPERCON doesn’t mean we don’t have a little time to take a break from all our preparations to give you a little bit of new release love.

And here we are. Because we love you. And new releases. We love new releases.

Dark Heaven Legends
03611: Mab Grindylow, Sea Hag by Bob Ridolfi ($9.79) [+1]

14637: Hrolfgad Loftsaddle, Dwarf Griffon Rider by Julie Guthrie ($24.99) [+1] 14646: Zeshin Nightcreeper, Darkreach Demon by Kevin Williams ($9.99) [+1]

Savage Worlds
59024: Jackalopes (2) by Julie Guthrie ($5.99) [+1]

60112: Pathfinder Leader by Patrick Keith ($6.29) [+1] 60114: Viorian Dekanti by Patrick Keith ($8.29) [+1] 60116: Skinsaw Cultist by Patrick Keith ($5.99) [+1]

All of these are in our online store.
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Ogre Designer’s Edition has a Walkthrough, More Counters and More Goals!

Ogre Designer’s Edition from Steve Jackson Games on Kickstarter, is over $450,000 and rising with 7 days to go!

From their update:

Andrew Walters, who has been playing and playtesting Ogre and G.E.V. for a very long time, has done some excellent walkthroughs for Ogre. See them here!

Counter Sheets

When we announced that printer deadlines would force us to take down the last four independent counter sheets, they were all snapped up . . . with one more would-be sponsor left out in the cold. And the printer gave us till the end of today. So we have added two instances of a separate $4,500 counter sheet reward, with slightly more stringent conditions because time is short, and those WILL go away at midnight, our time, if they’re not taken.

More Goals Fallen, More Set Up

We knocked down $425K (more music) and then powered right through $450 (yes, there will be miniatures!) We are breathing down the neck of $475K, and soon we will have to announce that mysterious $500K goal.
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Surviving the Fire – Jamie Chambers

Industry luminary Jamie Chambers recently witnessed his family home burn to the ground, with all the possessions of his sister and her family inside. No one was hurt, but they are left with some very real needs. Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. Check out his website here for more information.

From his website:

Quick Notes: I will be updating this page as needed. NO ONE was home or harmed in this fire. This is a loss of property, but thankfully things can be replaced. People cannot.

Last night I stood in the street with all of my old neighbors while I watched the family home that I grew up in burn. This is now my sister’s home, and while I’m sad because of the long history and countless memories from that home, right now I’m focusing on helping my sister Bambi and my two nephews, Joshua (7) and Jacob (2) who lost everything they own in the fire.

While the basic structure of the house still stands, the interior is virtually gone and the house looks to be a total loss. I’m so grateful that in less than one day there has been a tremendous outpouring of support and offers to help. This page will be the central hub of that effort so that everyone knows what my family needs, what’s going on, and how you can help if you’re looking to do so.
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Avatars of War releases new Apocalypse Marauder Champion

Avatars of War releases a new model, the Apocalypse Marauder Champion.

From their release:

Apoc Marauder champion with great weapon

A new Marauder Champion to enforce some discipline into the Apoc Marauders regiments!

Following requests, this time I have gone for a more dynamic pose than usual.
The blister comes with an optional weapon head for those who prefer crushing tehmed minis!

Soda Pop Miniatures has the 2nd print run of Super Dungeon Explore for pre-order

Soda Pop Miniatures announces the 2nd print run of Super Dungeon Explore is available for pre-order on their website.

From their site:


The 2nd print-run of Super Dungeon Explore now available for pre-order!

Miss out on getting your hands on the first wave of Super Dungeon Explore? Soda Pop Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for the new batch of games.

With improved components, updated rules, a bits baggie of commonly lost components, and detailed assembly instructions for your miniatures, we continue to try and bring you the best products we can. Get yours on pre-order today!

Also available, Candy & Cola, a fully playable hero for your games of Super Dungeon Explore. Only available online here.

So, get ready for adventure! This summer has new releases in store for Super Dungeon Explore! There is a rumbling underfoot, and soon new heroes will be called into the fight.

TGN Adepticon Update – Day 1

We are out here in Chicago at Adepticon 2012! It is a great show already, the hotel is packed and lines are out in the hallways. There is lots of great gaming going on, and lots of demos for games that we have been talking about. There has been lots of tournament play, and there are some companies that are showing off some awesome miniatures. Crystal Brush entries are in and voting will begin soon!

Check out the photo albums below for pictures and updates!


Adepticon 2012 – Day 1 – Updated

Adepticon 2012 – Day 2