Victory Decision: US and British Para Field Guides released

Victory Decision has released the field guides for Victory Decision.

From their announcement:

The Victory Decision: US and British Para Field Guides are released.

A copy of the Victory Decision: World War II rulebook is necessary to fully use the content of the books.

The US and British Paratrooper Field Guide is your comprehensive guide to using Carrier Platoons in Victory Decision: World War II.
Included is the Mid and Late War Paratrooper Platoon Organisation Chart and all the Elements to play a game.
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Dark Age Games October Model releases

Dark Age Games has posted the models for their October releases and background on new models.

From their website:

Here are more October releases for Dark Age Games!

DAG4003 – Sawblade

In her lunatic dreams of vengeance and conquest, the Brood Mere has envisioned a vast army of her creations. She sees them swarming and crushing the traitorous humans that created the Brood and tried to murder them. When this vast army amasses to march out from the Blackmire, it will likely be led by packs of Sawblades, the shock troops of the Brood army.
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Hi-Tech Miniatures releases Megatherion

Hi-tech Miniatures has released the Bio-Tech Covenant – Gearcult.

From their website:

Bio-Tech Covenant – Gearcult

MEGATHERION – “Voivod” pattern

Heavy War Walker

This is high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and for smooth assemble model ;basic modelling skills required

Multipart 28mm scale (scale doesn’t mean size !!!) miniature
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Secret Weapon October Releases

Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted up their October Releases.

From their announcement:

Secret Weapon Miniatures has released a 100x50mm Dragon Skull terrain piece as well as 4 new base sets:

Blasted Wetlands – Round Lip
The original hollow swamp bases that allow you to add Realistic Water and put your models LITERALLY ankle deep in a swamp!

Urban Rubble – Round Lip
Urban Rubble – Beveled Edge
Iron Deck – Beveled Edge

Screaming Heretic Ep 12 Released

Screaming Heretic has posted up their new episode.

From their announcement:

Welcome to Ep 12! We have two great guests and still a couple of heretics lost in the warp! Cswizzy returns to help out the Heretics and our favorite painting madman Mathieu Fontaine join the crew again! Please remember to subscribe and rate us on iTunes. Our twitter handle is @screamheretic, you can find us on facebook as well
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Bronze Age Miniatures Event

Bronze Age Minaitures is having a sale on their minaitures.

From their website:

I am having my 30% off sale and have a few new miniatures. The prices on the site are not the sale prices.

I have had a lot of work for a production that made it hard for me to fill a lot of orders but now it is coming to an end and so here are the new releases.
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How to paint with dry pigments tutorial

Chest Of Colors has posted up a new tutorial.

From their announcement:

So you think you’ve seen it all? Tried it all? Done it all?
And I only mean painting miniatures…

If you think there are no techniques you haven’t tried yet, you should check this article:

Our forum member Kathryn explains how to paint miniatures with dry pigments. This technique may be nothing new to some of you, but I bet many of you haven’t tried it yet. And is there any good reason not to try it?

Wargames Widows special offer on boardgames

Wargames Widows is having special offers at their store over the next few months.

From their announcement:

Over the next few months Wargames Widows will be running special offers on various items. Throughout October we have 10% off Boardgames. So now would be a great time to pick up Gears of War for yourself or Monkey Lab for the little gamer in your life!

Wargames Foundry has announced Pre-Order Japan and Korea

WarGames Foundry has announced the pre-order for the Japan and Korea books.

From their announcement:

PRE-ORDER Japan and Korea
Japan and Korea
Armies of the Nineteenth Century: Asia
Written and Illustrated by Ian Heath
The latest volume in our acclaimed series of military books provides a detailed study of the astonishing reinvention of the Empire of Japan during the 19th century.
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Blackball Games releases the Deep One

Blackball Games has releases the Deep One miniature for their Book of Fragments line.

From their announcement:

Blackball Games, Inc is proud to announce the release of the Deep One, the next “Book of Fragments” miniature – now on sale in the Blackball Games Store.

The Deep One is a three-piece metal miniature standing around 30mm in height. This classic Lovecraftian creature was sculpted by Bobby Jackson and painted by Jessica Rich from a concept by Hector Ortiz.

The “Book of Fragments” miniatures line is a collection of horrors, monsters, minions, and cultists for the tabletop. Drawn from mythos and nightmare, and re-conceived by top artists and visionaries in the industry “Book of Fragments” monstrosities break new ground and shatter expectations.

Advanced Deployment Clerance Sale

Advanced Deployment is having a clearance sale on their product due to overstock.

From their announcement:

Hello friends, and supporters of Advanced Deployment!

We are pleased to announce that Advanced Deployment has acquired a new laser, and as such, we’ve decided to overhaul our product line. In the next couple of weeks we’re going to roll out a new webstore with a lot of new options and new products.
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Foundry announces New Tribes of Legend rules coming soon

Foundry, has a new army book with 3 new games to play.

From their announcement:

Game Designer Jake Thornton announces a new Foundry book containing 3 games, all set in the mythical world of Ancient Greece. With three games to choose from, what will be your first foray into this ancient realm? Are you a lone hero or a leader of armies? Decide, and then summon your courage, offer your prayer and, whichever game you play, may the gods smile on you.

Chaosludik II in Montreal

Club Chaos is having their event in Montreal November 12.

From their announcement:

Club Chaos invite you all in Montreal on November 12 to Chaosludik II, a great day dedicated to miniature wargaming. Tournaments, mega-battle, demos, painting contest, bazaar, panels, vendor’s tables, open play and more !

Entry is free for visitors, and 12$/15$ for organized events (tournaments and mega-battle).

Privateer Press launches Longest Night Event

Privateer Press has launched Longest Night: The Witchfire Ascendant.

From their website:

The Longest Night is a widely celebrated holiday in the Iron Kingdoms consisting of festivals and revelries with people celebrating by dressing up like the dead, drinking, and lighting off fireworks amid loud music and dancing. It is celebrated every three years at the end of the year as an extra day added to the calendar, therefore taking place after the old year and just before the new one. While the festivals are eagerly anticipated, Longest Night has an increasingly ominous reputation.
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Dragon Forge Design has Two New Base Blanks and New Logo

Dragonforge has released two new square base blanks.

From their announcement:

Today I have released two new Base Blanks in the square Base Blanks section.

They are the following:

  • Blank 50 x 100 Square – 50mm x 100mm base Blank 1 for $4.50
  • Blank 100 x 150 Square – 100mm x 150mm Base Blank 1 for $10.00

Also new today is my brand new logo on my site. Let me know what you think?

Sentinels of the Multiverse Review

Play Board Games has posted up their review of Sentinels of the Multiverse.

From their website:

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a rock ‘em, sock ‘em fight of good versus evil. You play a super hero that must defeat the villain and manage the environment in this cooperative card game. So does this game rock or get socked?

War Griffon Miniatures October Release

War Griffon Miniatures has posted up their October releases.

From their website:

This months release from War Griffon Miniatures is Autumn a female druid available from Model Display Products.

For those that wish to save on the postage we will be attending the following shows during October and November: Gravesham, IMPS Nationals (Telford) and Bugle Call.

Sculptor: Steve Buddle
Painter: Charlie Kirkpatrick
Scale: 54mm

Mad Robot Miniatures Harook Preview

Mad Robot Miniatures has posted up a preview of the Harook Miniatures.

From their announcement:

Mad Robot Miniatures is thrilled to give you a sneak peak of our next 15mm release, the Harook. Here is a little backstory…

“Very little is understood about the Harook; they are unpredictable and have an unknown agenda. Although they have an affinity to other avian species of life, it would appear that they have disdain for all others, especially humanity. Their speech patterns, consisting of a complex series of squawks and screeches, do not live up to the advanced technology they bear on the battlefield. This leads some to believe that an advanced, as of yet unknown, intelligence directs them.”

There are 10 dynamic poses that have been painstakingly sculpted by Pedro Navaro. More to come on these in the near future.

Armor Grid: Mech Attack! wins two awards

Armor Grid Games wins two awards.

From their announcement:

“Armor Grid: Mech Attack!” has won two prestigious new awards:

The first award is the 2011 Papercut Award for Best Multi-figure Set. This award is sponsored by One Monk Miniatures and more information on this award can be found here.
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Ares Games launches website

Ares Games, the creators of Sails of Glory have just launched their new website.

From their announcement:

Camaiore, Italy – October 13, 2011 – Ares Games, the game publisher of the War of the Ring board game and Wings of Glory series of aerial combat games, is now online. The website was designed to be a complete source of contents about the Ares Games’ products, featuring news, articles, resource’s downloads, upcoming games, image galleries, full products information, and more.
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Warlord Games shows new Japanese Tank

Warlord Games has shown a new tank for Bolt Action.

From their website:

The Chi-Ha tank was one of the most heavily produced Japanese tanks used in World War 2 with over 2,000 units being made.It was armed with a 57mm gun and would fight in an infantry support role. It would later have the 57mm gun replaced by a more potent 47mm gun a new turret. This tank would be called the Shinhoto Chi-Ha. Keep your eyes on our website as this version is also on it’s way!