Miniature Building Authority Posts New Releases

Miniature Building Authority releases new Somali Pirate Mother Ship & Pirate Skiff:

From their post:

Now you have the option to take your game to the high seas or have some great terrain in your African port town.

The mother ship is a kit and must be assembled and painted. It does come with several stowage items to accessorize as you want. The skiff is unpainted, but requires no assembly.

DIR-038 Somali Pirate Mother Ship $44.95
Length: 10 1/4″ x 3″ Wide

DIR-039 Somali Pirate Skiff $7.95
Length: 5 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ Wide

As with all of the Direct Terrain, it is only available through the Miniature Building website, or at conventions that we attend. For figures you may want to check out Cavalcade Wargames. They have an excellent selection of Somali Pirates.

Red Box Games New Releases

Red Box Games modular Aenglishmen now available for pre-order:

From their post:

well unfortunately the goblins won’t make it this time around. I was just too dis-satisfied with them to publish. I AM working on them though so they will see release by next month ( which is going to be HYUGE! ) with the HelsVakt foot and armoured elites.

BUT!!! I do have the modular Aenglish ready to rock and roll. these are due in hand by the end of the week next week. These are fitted for universally interchangeable weapons, heads, and shields. So the combination you see pictured are not the only possibilities. Further the next series of modular Aenglish will be compatible with these for even further possibilities!

So now Whistlocke has his band of hardmen to bust up the alley gangs of ShieldPort! These are availible in two SKUs. There is a 4 pack for $24.99 and an 8 pack for $39.99.

Hope you like them!

Cheers, Tre’

Warlord Games Releases Crimean War 17th Lancers

Warlord Games release the latest in their Crimean War range – the 17th Lancers:

From their website:

The reason for this delight is mostly because we love these new models, sculpted as they are by Paul Hicks, but also because we will have a lot more time on our hands rather than be fielding a constant stream of emails about when these new sculpts will be available to buy! Under the command of the controversial figure of Major-General Lord Cardigan, the 17th formed part of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War. Despite seeing action on several occasions it will always be for their ill-fated charge at the Battle of Balaklava on 25th October that they will be etched into the annals of military history. Indeed the poet Tennyson captured the charge in his poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade.

Few days to MilanoWargames

Dadi&Piombo posts it’s few days to MilanoWargames 2012, the new wargames show in the oustkirt of Milan:

From their post:

The show will take place on February 25-26 and will be part of the Hobby Model Expo, one of the biggest Italian model fair.

There will be a good selection of demo games and traders as well as the presence Ronnie Renton of Mantic Games and Big Steve Morgan of Warlord Games.

Games Workshop will be present with 3 official demos and FireForge Games will officially introduce to the Italian market their new Teutonic Knights hard plastic set.

More info (in Italian) at

Irrational Number Line Games Posts a Hobby Article

Irrational Number Line Games reviews Balsa Puzzles for use in 28mm gaming:

From their website:

Irrational Number Line Games’ Idea of the Week is for converting a couple of those balsa wood puzzles you find for cheap in the craft store into bone fide 28mm wargaming terrain. We tackle a pair of oriental boats and find how cool it can be and where the challenges are …

The Assault Group Previews New English Tudor Miniatures

The Assault Group posts pics of upcoming releases:

From their website:

Here are a few images of what Nick has been working on; these are the dollies (pre-production parts for Nick to sculpt onto) for the English Tudor forces in 1544’s invasion of France. This army is unusual, in that it was the first English army to start to have a uniform. Large numbers of uniform coats, decorated with a large red crosses, were provided for the army with others wearing old style personal dress with crosses added as a field sign, as had been done in English armies previously.

Also shown, are the armored dolls for this period. England in this period had not home-grown armour factories, buying in suits from German and Italian sources, so these miniatures, when complete, will also be useful for Continental armies of this period. UM007 USE ME Post Apocalpytic Rules – Download Version Out Now posts their USE ME Post Apocalpytic Rules is now released as a paid PDF Download:

From their website:

In the aftermath of a man made, natural or supernatural event our world has ended and brought about a nightmare world of scavengers and technological warlords.

UM007 USE ME Post Apocalpytic PDF Edition
(Zip File containing full colour bookmarked and searchable PDF plus a plain ‘easy print’ version for home printing)
Only $5.00 USD via Paypal with our online provider Oronjo, click on the link below to buy !

Also Available:

UM007 USE ME Post Apocalpytic Print Edition
USE ME Post Apocalpytic, A6 Booklet, 32pp, Colour Covers
Only £3.50 GBP via

For the rest of the USE ME Series of titles including: 15mm Science Fiction, 15mm Mass Fantasy, 15mm-20mm World War Two, 20mm Modern Warfare, 15mm American Civil War, visit our website.

Writer’s Wanted !

Would you like to write a title for the USE ME Series? If you would then email us by reply and tell us your idea. We are commissioning more titles this year in this series.

Thanks for Reading,

Alexander Scott.

Chest of Colors Posts a Review of Warploque Miniatures: Jebzakkah B’Ork

Chest of Colors posts a review of the miniature, Jebzakkah B’Ork:

From their post:

This model’s full name is Jebzakkah B’Ork – Bayourk Chieftain, and it’s one of the bulkier sculpts in the current Orc line. For a fair 10 GBP you get this one-piece resin cast.

Warlord Games Posts a New Release and a Treat

Warlord Games posts a new release and sign rulebooks for Hail Caeser and Black powder:


From their website:

To celebrate the anniversary of games designer and tea connoisseur, Rick Priestley, joining the Warlord Games team, we would like to offer a limited number of hand-signed Black Powder and Hail Caesar rulebooks. The books will contain author Rick’s signature (and, if we’re lucky, some of the other people involved in the producing of the books but no promises!) and will retail for the usual £30. They will make ideal gifts or collector’s items and are available in a limited quantity on a strictly first come, first served basis – don’t tarry!

The fourth in our series of plastic boxed sets for the Anglo-Zulu War are the Natal Native Contingent are here and available in our store. Produced in conjunction with Empress Miniatures these loyal subjects will provide support for the redcoated British line infantry. The plastic boxed set contains 32 multi-pose plastic NNC miniatures and two metal Empress Miniatures officer models. Although a general ratio of one musket per ten NNC would be the norm, there are stacks of options for arming your troops as you see fit! The Natal Native Contingent consisted of a number of regiments broken down into typical British formations of battalions and companies. They were composed of loyal Black natives (loyal to the Crown) who chose to live in British Natal, and across the river from their mortal, and much feared, enemies – the Zulu.

Final Week of Miniature Building Authority’s Warehouse Clearance Sale

Miniature Building Authority posts there is just one more week to take advantage of their end of year warehouse clearance sale:

From their website:

You can save up to 50% on selected items. Our products are pre-painted and assembled ready to put on the table and game.

You can see all the items on sale at this link:

Advanced Deployment New Products and Custom Tokens

Advanced Deployment is pleased to announce two new products in their store:

From their post:

I’m pleased to announce two new products in the store;
– Soul Stone Markers
– Spray Templates

I’m also thrilled to share my new Custom Token page:

With 200 designs to choose from, you can get tokens made exactly how you want! You don’t have to wait, fingers crossed that I get around to making the one you want!

Master of the Forge releases Monstrous Wings

Master of the Forge now has a small supply of resin cast Monstrous Feathered Wings for sale:

From their post:

I have two dozen pairs of casts of these wings available now that are up for sale in the Store. Each wing is 100mm tall, 50mm wide and averages 10mm thick, making them very nice and chunky. There is almost no flash to clean up on them, a testament to the skill of the caster (ie: not me). I’ve priced a pair of wings at £11.99 each, with £1.99 to cover shipping costs (to anywhere in the world).

Mantic Games Veer-myn Unveiled

Mantic Games previews the 8th race for their game Warpath:

From their post:

We don’t talk about the 8th Race – except for today. Just this once we’re going to tell you who the 8th Race are. The first 8th Race models feature in Project Pandora: Grim Cargo ahead of the full army launch. This is the story of the Veer-myn:

When did the common rat, most common of pests throughout the history of the human race, develop into this new race? Nobody knows the answer to this, but for sure it must have something to do with the first, clunky and massive cargo ships that moved wares from system to system as humanity begun to trade amongst the stars.

Check out the blog for more.

AEG Thunderstone Advance Pre-Release Events

AEG announces a pre-release event for Thunderstone Advance happening in game shops March 2nd-8th:

From their website:

You might have already seen some of the great reviews we’re getting around the Web for Thunderstone Advance. Tom Vasel of Dice Tower reviews said, “I cant say enough good things about it.” The official release is scheduled for Monday, March 12. But you can get your copy early!

Game stores around the world are hosting a pre-release Level Up Event from March 2 until March 8. This week will your first chance to get your hands on the smash deckbuilder, with a bonus.

Warhammer Forge Releases Basilisk

Warhammer Forge has released a new monster for use in Warhammer Fantasy Battles:

From their website:

Found in the most treacherous regions of the Warhammer world, from the Bloodspine Mountains of the unknown Southlands to the Grey Peaks that shoulder the Empire, Basilisks are a reclusive menace. They are a living blight so inimical to life that they poison the very ground they walk upon, the venom that suffuses their body and spirit capable of swiftly reducing verdant land to ruined waste.

Their huge bodies are covered with brightly coloured scales from the membranous fins upon their head to the tip of their muscled tail; a warning of their noxious nature. They prowl stealthily on eight legs, and are capable of moving swiftly enough to run down even the quickest prey. The most potent weapon in the Basilisk’s arsenal, however, is its gaze. Renowned in folklore across the Old World for its lethal potency, the sickly pale eyes of the Basilisk can focus the essence of their poisonous soul, withering their prey until its skin and flesh slough away.

The Basilisk is a multi-part resin model, designed by Edgar Skomorowski. This model is available to pre-order now for despatch from February 24th, and experimental rules for the Basilisk can be downloaded now to allow any Warhammer army to field this noxious creature in games of Storm of Magic

Barking Irons Posts The Black Claw

Barking Irons brings you another tale from that special place where the quality of the ales sold and the tales told is legendary, the White Liar in Broomcoat:

From their website:

An old Dwarf tells of an artefact that has changed hands many times during the Mordredian Wars that is now thought lost…

The Black Claw by Tony Harwood

Keep The Flag Flying !

Craig Andrews
Barking Irons

The D6 Generation Podcast: Savage Worlds RPG Review & 2010 Games

The D6 Generation Podcast posts a RPG review and a where are they now segment from games they reviewed in 2010:

From their post:

This episode we squeeze two folks into the third chair: Cody Jones and John Richard from the beloved podcast Game On with Cody and John, the uncommon podcast for the common gamer.

First up is we cover “Where are they now?” the 2010 edition. The four of us take a look at the games we reviewed back in 2010 on both shows. How are they holding up? Do we still feel the same about them.

Later we take a deep dive into “Savage Worlds” reviewing the RPG that has been built to play in just about any setting.

All that and our other not-too-horrible segments including:
– The Hollywood Minute
– Total Fan Girl
– Do You Ever Notice
– & More

Wargame Shop Releases Williamsburg ACW 3D Boardgame

Wargame Shop announces Williamsburg the 11th Downloadable PDF American Civil War in 3D Board Game is now available for download:

From their post:

The series follows all the major battles and Williamsburg is the first in 1862 Peninsula Series that will also see Seven Oaks, Gaines’s Mill, Savage’s Station, Glendale and Malvern Hill.

Following a surprise retreat from the defences around Yorktown, the Union General George B. McClellan as sent half of his army in pursuit. The Confederate rear guard has been encountered in another defensive position around Fort Magruder. The Union need a quick and swift action against this rear guard, but in history the Confederates held out for the day and then retired overnight in an orderly formation.

The game is available from go to the boardgames tab. It is priced at nominal $2.95 and is downloaded from our American distributor. If you are unsure then why not try our FREE download of Hoke’s Run, the prelude to the battle of First Manassas (Bull Run). This can be downloaded in PDF format or as a Cyberboard so that you can play it on your computer, just use the FREE Bothers in Arms rules with it.

Williamsburg takes about 2-3 hours of continuous play to fight its 16 bounds of action. Everything you require to play the game is included within the download, we have even thought of tile dice just in case.

Portal Issue #19 Available for Download

Portal Magazine issue 19 is here:

From their post:

We launch a brand contest – Portal has first details
Our brand new feature ‘In The Frame’ showcases the talents of Marike Reimer
Brilliant tutorial on sculpting a large scale Space Marine
Morland Studios and Darksword Miniatures reviews
Great NMM Tutorial
Scott Radom gets his very own column and explains why ‘Enjoy’ has hidden meaning!
We interview Privateer Press in the Hotseat
We get inside Wag’s brain and find out why painting doesn’t have to be about perfection
Tim Fitch tells us about 1985,Citadel and subliminal messages in White Dwarf!
Latest from the Wamp gallery
Latest News, releases, and much more……

Totally free to download for everyone

DeepWars – Kickstarter concept art for Ancients of Atalán force

AntiMatter Games previews artwork for their upcoming game Deep Wars:

From their post:

AntiMatter Games has updated the blog for their Kickstarter page with some concept art for the Ancients of Atalán force. These will be used for their starter set of miniatures.

The Kickstarter project is off to an amazing start in the last few days, and is almost funded already! Thanks to all that have already pledged. Hopefully we can reach our funding goal or go beyond. More funding means more artwork, miniatures and choices of rewards for those backing DeepWars.

Mantic Games North American Facebook Page

Mantic Games has created a Facebook page that deals with Canadian and American news and events, and a FB contest to promote it:

From their Facebook page:

Alright Mantic fans lets get this Facebook page really going, when we hit 500 likes we are going to raffle off a new Corporation Marine Sqaud!! Thats right get your friends, gaming buddies and even your parents to like Mantic Games – North America and you could win a Corpoartion Marine squad to conquer your foes!!

Meeples & Miniatures Podcast Episode 82 is now live

Meeples & Miniatures Podcast posts a new episode of their podcast:

From their post:

Episode 82 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast has now been published.

In this show, I speak with Will Townshend of the plastic Soldier Company about how the company started, what goes into the design process and what is planned for the coming months.

You can download the show from the Meeples & Miniatures website, or it’s available on iTunes.

Architects of War Terrain Sale

Architects of War posts information of a terrain sale:

From their website:

We are offering a sale on all of our Architects of War Terrain blister packs. This sale applies to all our terrain blisters priced $10.00 or $12.50 (and only Architects of War terrain). These items will be 25% off of the retail price. Now is a great time to add to your collection!

This sale begins on Friday, February 17th at 12:01 AM and runs until Friday, February 24th at 12:00 AM.

Sale does not apply to our American Uncivil War figures, pigs or chickens!