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The Lost City of Gaxmoor RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Gary Gygax. His name is synonymous with Dungeons & Dragons and just our whole gaming culture in general. Apparently, geekiness runs in the Gygax family as Ernie and Luke Gygax, Gary's sons, have made their own open adventure for 5th Edition called The Lost City of Gaxmoor. This sandbox adventure book for players level 1-10 is up on Kickstarter now.

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Commandroids RPG Up On Kickstarter

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! And our nostalgia centers have taken a direct hit. The Commandroids RPG looks to bring the fun of all those 80s giant robot cartoons to your tabletop. Want to play your own transforming/combining/fighting robot? This is the game for you. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

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Mother of Monsters RPG Adventure Path Up On Kickstarter

Sometimes, you pick up a pre-gen adventure to just drop into your regular game. Sometimes, the pre-gen is your adventure. That's the case with Mothers of Monsters. It's designed to take your 5th edition characters from first level all the way to 15th. Heavily inspired by Greek folklore, there's plenty for everyone to do. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

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Numenera: Liminal Shores Sourcebooks Up On Kickstarter

Just think about all the technological advances we've made in the last hundred years. It's pretty amazing. Now, think about what could happen in the next billion years. But that's where you find yourself in Numenera, the RPG of fantastical sci-fi exploration. There's a Kickstarter campaign running right now to bring three new books to the game, each greatly expanding your options for your games.

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Friday Snippets

Weekend Eve. I'm certainly ready for it. And tonight, a friend and I are going to Bed, Bath, & Beyond so I can get a new kitchen knife. I think I'm going to get a Chinese-style cleaver. I've always wanted one and you can use them for just about anything. But before I get that and make some yummy things, let's nibble on a bite-sized gaming story. There's just one, but it's a sweet treat that you actually shouldn't eat (though they look good enough to).

Today on the platter we have: New Sea Salt and Blueberry Acai Ice Cream Dice Coming Tonight From Kraken Dice.

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Kings of War RPG Quickstart Guide Now Available

When there's a new RPG out there on the block, you might be hesitant to rush in and get a full book for it, not knowing what the system is like. But many companies put out a Quickstart guide for you to look over. Red Scar Publishing has done just that for their Kings of War RPG, based on the world from the Mantic miniatures game. And it's free. So, why not go check it out?

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Black Void Dark Fantasy RPG Core Book Now Available From Modiphius

The human race has been flung far across the cosmos. A disaster during the days of Babylon rent asunder the fabric between the real and the vast horrors of everything else. Many humans were lost, but some have managed to survive and migrate to Llyhn, the center of the cosmos. It's into this strange universe that you find yourselves in Black Void, a new dark fantasy RPG, the core book of which is available now from Modiphius.

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Battlefront Taking Pre-Orders For D-Day Germans

Battlefront has been releasing a lot of American figures for the landings at Normandy. But, as anyone will tell you, they didn't just have a casual stroll up the beach. They were met by heavy resistance from the German forces. Soon, you'll be able to bring those forces to your Flames of War tabletops. Battlefront has started taking pre-orders for new kits featuring the D-Day Germans.

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First Miniature Released From One Page Rules

Up until now, the folks over at One Page Rules have only been releasing rules sets and letting you just grab whatever figures you want to use them with. But now, you can actually get a figure specifically designed for Grimdark Future. The first official miniature from One Page Rules is now available. Head over and get yours now (or wait a little bit and they'll be offering different upgrades to it. Whichever you want).

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New Necromunda and Middle-earth Figures Available to Pre-Order From Forge World

Two ends of the spectrum available to pre-order from Forge World this week. On one hand, you've got a pair of Necromunda figures, Apollus Kage & Krotus Hark, to add to your gangs. On the others, there's two Middle-earth kits in the form of Ruffian Leaders and Will Whitfoot & Baldo Tulpenny. So, if you like sci-fi gangs or fantasy Hobbits, you've got some options.

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DGS Games Seeks Designer to Create New Freeblades Faction

DGS Games wants to bring a new faction to the world of Freeblades. They're hoping that there will be strong African themes within the faction in terms of looks and style. To create this faction, they have put out a call for people of African-American background in order to make sure things are done in a respectful and authentic way. No previous experience is necessary, so if you're looking to try your hand at making a new faction for a game, this might be your chance.

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Renegade Game Studios Taking Pre-Orders For Clank! In! Space! Cyber Station 11 Expansion

The board game/deck-building game Clank! In! Space! is getting a new expansion. Cyber Station 11 gives players a new game board to explore, new adventure deck cards to find, a new type of escape pod (where you can make your way away in style), and the new Commander Preon boss. Renegade Game Studios is taking pre-orders for this set (which is due out in November) now.

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Ponyfinder 2nd Edition Crossover Kit Now Available

With the changeover to Pathfinder 2nd edition, many other games that used the Pathfinder rules set are finding themsleves needing to update as well. For those playing Silver Games' Ponyfinder, they have just released their conversion book so you can keep playing the characters you love with the rules as they are now.

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Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History (2nd Edition) Up On Kickstarter

1. You lock the target.
2. You bait the line.

Ok, so you're not actually trying to catch people in Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History. Instead, you're an employer looking to fill various roles in your organization. Finding the right candidate for the right job is tough. Would Thomas Jefferson make a good carpenter? Could Napoleon install a toilet main? Would Alexander the Great be a good grout-layer? That's for you to decide. The game's 2nd edition is up on Kickstarter now.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

Happy Friday Eve! We're almost through the first week of "normalcy" after Gen Con (my week last week was all still kinda weird). Just gotta get everything back to the weekend and I'll be back in my comfortable routine (don't call it a rut!) again. That means, of course, giving you some cool terrain news now.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: HandyMaps Terrain Cards Up On Kickstarter, Villainous Locales Maps Up On Kickstarter, Snake Eyes Gaming Running 3D Printable Terrain Kickstarter, and Castle Maps For RPGs Up On Kickstarter.

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