Australia and New Zealand Warmachine and Hordes Mk II card swap

Australian gaming store and online retailer Defiant Gaming is offering to help Warmachine and Hordes gamers in Australia and New Zealand to replace Mk I cards found in newer blisters and boxed set.

From their website:

There are a lot of people coming into Hordes/WM and unfortunately sometimes old cards have been left in packs of figures. We have been replacing cards as we go but I know for a fact we’ve missed a few. There is still some stock coming from distributors with old cards in them.

What we are proposing on doing is offering those who have inadvertently picked up figures that have old cards in them a swap out for new cards. There will be some rules however and limitations (like if there are more than a handful it may be time to get a deck, and this is not a chance for old players to replace all their cards).

Also please note we are opening this up for everybody in Australia and New Zealand, not just our awesome customers, so even if you’ve picked up an old school metal Battlebox from your LGS you can still have cards to use.