Aussie Block Dice on IndieGoGo

Aussie Block Dice are a new set of dice that’s looking to get funded over on Indiegogo.
Dice: Every gamer’s weakness.

From the campaign:

Over on IndieGoGo I’ve just launched our Aussie Block Dice project. We’re looking to produce sets of uniquely Australian dice in a range of thematic colours.

The dice themselves are designed to be thematic but very easy to identify, and we’ve gone with clear colour combo’s to improve readability.

So for fans of Fantasy Football everywhere, join in the fun and get yourself some awesome looking dice!

  • Borzag

    Hi all,

    Just thought I’d pop in and give an update: this campaign is now at $1,277.00 (ie fully funded, but short of the first stretch goal) with 24 days to go.

    So if anyone’s keen on the basic dice sets, now is a great time to jump in 🙂