August’s BattleTech releases available at Gen Con

Iron Wind Metals will be offering some of their August BattleTech miniature releases at Gen Con Indy.

From their website:

Iron Wind is set to release 4 new BattleTech minis in August.

  • 20-498 Patriot Mech – PKM-2C TRO 3075 – 65 ton $12.25
  • 20-499 Bolla Stealth Tank {2}(Jihad Hot Spots 3076 – 60 $13.95
  • Contains 2 bodies and a turret for both the Prime / Invictus & Infernus variants
  • 20-5000 Lightning LTN-G15 Med. Aerospace Fighter – (TRO3075 – 50 Ton) $10.50
  • 20-5001 Eagle EGL-R6 Heavy Aerospace Fighter – (TRO 3075 – 75 Ton) $11.25

Unfortunately, we will not have the finished Patriot in time for the show.

We will, however, have very limited quantities of the Bolla, Lightning, and Eagle available while they last. See us at booth 911 for these and all the other great BattleTech miniatures, including a full stock of Archived minis at regular price.