August Spec-Ops news from Corvus Belli for Infinity

By Polar_Bear
In Infinity
Aug 21st, 2012

Corvus Belli has made August into Spec Ops month for Infinity with the release of their Spec Ops book along with new minis to go with it. I had a chance to talk to the fine gentlemen at Corvus Belli while at GenCon. My interview with them will be up later this afternoon. Until then, enjoy the pictures of some new minis.

From the announcement:

August will be Spec-Ops month. But wait, what is a Spec-Ops? The Spec-Ops are the elite covert action operatives in the Infinity universe, experts in several military disciplines. Each one will be released in a single blister with two differents heads and also a set of different weapons, so the player can customize them.

The Spec-Ops are a new kind of troop in Infinity, unique in their class and who directly benefit from the Infinity Campaign System rules. All Infinity factions possess their own Spec-Ops trooper, and thanks to the Infinity Campaign System rules, each of them as different as the player who is using them. This month you will have the highly professional PanOceanian Indigo Spec-Ops, the swifter Ariadnan Intel Spec-Ops, the ghostly Yu Jing Gu? F?ng (Ghost Wind) Spec-Ops, the lethal Haqqislam Husam (Sword) Spec-Ops, the versatile Nomads Vortex Spec-Ops and the fierce Morat Treitak Spec-Ops. As troopers specially designed for the Infinity Campaign System, they will have not a defined troop profile, and they are also the perfect proxies to be used in Infinity Tournaments. Take your Spec-Ops into battle and experience the upcoming Infinity Campaign System!

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  • Absolutionis

    I love how the Aleph Chandra is so covert that it doesn’t appear in the description.

    I was hoping for an adjective.

  • Bebop

    Weapons packs! Weapons packs!

    • grimbergen

      FINALLY. Wow, how long did that take??? I can’t believe we had to wait for a whole new product line for extra weapons. Hopefully it’s not sculpted with the hands on so we can swap easily with other figures…

  • deedoublejay

    I thought the point of Infinity is that all of the conflict is Spec-Ops, as there’s officially peace between the factions.

    • Veritas

      Yea, I found this a bit strange as well. The only way you could get more special operations would be to eliminate the warbands and have these troops operating solo like James Bond. I could maybe see a mission of that type in the new scenarios. But the whole “spec-ops for your spec-ops” is a bit out there.

      • grimbergen

        I don’t have a problem with “spec ops for your spec ops”… I see it more like the original infinity game representing elite airborne or ranger units, but then you have even more spec ops guys like green berets, then you can even separate those to the uber tier 1 delta force.

  • surprize

    It’s just semantics. With it all being translated from Spanish anyways I’ve long been tolerant of slightly clunky wording in the fluff. I thought of Infinity as “Black Ops” anyway, so ‘Spec-Ops for your Black-Ops’ makes more sense. 😉

    As I understand the previews the campaign book allows you to pick new army lists for each mission, your standard troops being generic so they can die and be “respawned” for the next mission. Special Characters can die for good if killed in a mission, and your “spec ops” are the only ones to change and gain abilities during the campaign, and if killed you have to start again. That is the niche they fill in the armies – a campaign specific troop type, rather than “spec-ops” per se.