Assault Publishing Releases Shadows in the Void: First Encounters

In this day and age, with so many games out there, it’s impossible to buy and keep up with them all. Even just buying rulebooks for games you want to try can get to be prohibitively expensive. That’s where free trial versions of rules come in. I love when companies do this. And that’s why I’m singing the praises of Assault Publishing. They’ve posted up a free trial version of their Shadows in the Void rules set titled First Encounters. You can download your copy now and “try before you buy.”

From the announcement:

I’m very happy to present “Shadows in the Void – First Encounters”, which is free demo of “Shadows in the Void” ruleset.

First Encounters contain basic rules, phase examples, game preparation guidelines and a sample scenario, as well as statistics for all units included in the Confederated Outer Colonies and Esh-Aven squadron starter sets. All these elements were chosen to demonstrate the gameplay and style of Shadows in the Void.