Assault Publishing brings new Oddzial Osmy releases state-side

By Polar_Bear
In Horror
Apr 24th, 2014

Assault Publishing has the new releases from Oddzial Osmy available here in the states (your exclusive source here).


From the release:

Assault Publishing[] has just received the newest 15mm sci-fi miniatures from Oddzial Ósmy: Hussari I and Hussari II sets.

Also the range were completed with pulp/horror mininiatures: Zombies and Ghouls – now Assault Publishing offers the complete line directly from stock!

You can get these minis (and many more) from Assault Publishing on-line store

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  • Nosaj Verush

    I have a bunch of the New Vistula models and they are the best. Really! The Hussari look equally fantastic. The one thing both armies are missing though is fluff. I know I know, use your imagination. And I have. But, it is nice to know what a sculptor’s vision was. It lends gravitas to the models. Just sayin . . .

  • MKG

    I included the fluff of NVL in PMC 2640 rulebook 🙂

  • Nosaj Verush

    I did not know that. So Assault and Oddzialus are affiliated? A little blurb about who the NVL are on the website would be cool. So any plans to do fluff on the Hussari? I am going to order your rulebook now! Thanks!

  • MKG

    No, we are not affiliated, but we are quite friendly relations 🙂
    In my “2640 universe” New Vistula Legion are mercenary forces. It is commercial brand of New Vistula Defence Forces (providing extra funds and experienced soldiers). There is one page about them (amoung 3 other example PMCs) with short description, logo, rank system and flag ship technical data. In game Hussari can be used as one for the elite infantry type (as the game left a lot of freedom in terms of minis).