Ascended Saga RPG up on Kickstarter

Ascended Saga has launched their Kickstarter campaign. Go take a look at this new fantasy RPG setting and game.

Ascended Saga


From the campaign:

It’s a tabletop role-playing game set in an untamed fantasy world. I wanted to create a game world that let players of all types, from storyweavers to hardened warriors enjoy a rich combat system and explore and interact with the fully realized world of Asura. Combat is turn based, but allows more freedom by letting the players act together and combine powers to unleash incredible team attacks. Imagine being able to create any kind of attack you desire. Do you and your best buddy want to decapitate a goblin with a well timed flaming round house kick? Just like your backyard adventures of old, Ascended Saga lets your imagination be the fuel for your character’s story. Take control of a character that is fully and uniquely your creation, or lead the adventure as the Sagaman, building campaigns set in the world of Asura. Adapt the game system to your own stories and characters. I am confident that you can create almost any character with any abilities and it will work in our system.”