Army Painter release schedule

The Army Painter have sent details of their release schedule for the first part of 2011.

Battlefields XP Hero Basing kit

From their announcement:

Over the next 6 months The Army Painter release plan is as follows:

January 2011

  • Colour Primer: Angel Green
  • Battlefields XP: Hero Basing
  • Battlefields XP: Winter Tuft

March 2011

  • Colour Primer: Wolf Grey
  • Battlefields XP: Body Parts

May 2011

  • Colour Primer: Ultramarine Blue
  • Brush Set: Wargamers’ Most wanted

Over the next 6 months gamers will see an increase in hobby output from The Army Painter; owners Bo Penstoft and ex ‘Eavy Metal painter Jonas Faering are busy painting up new armies featuring the new releases like Colour Primer Angel Green and Wolf Grey. Followers of The Army Painter website will also see an increase in Hobby Hero Features – army galleries from gamers from all over the world using The Army Painter Technique: Spray-Dip-Done.