Armorcast 28mm Scale Elemental available from IWM

Iron Wind Metals are now selling the 28mm BattleTech Elemental miniature from Armorcast.

From their website:

Tim DuPertuis of Armorcast has given IWM permission to begin selling the Armorcast 28mm scale Elemental on our webstore. It is available for ordering starting today.

From the Armorcast description…
This 2″ (50mm) tall Elemental model was sculpted by Tim DuPertuis and Dave Summers. The model is scaled for use with 28mm miniatures and Armorcast’s 1/60th scale ‘Mechs®.

The kit contains 5 parts made of lead free pewter: Body/legs, backpack, left claw arm, right laser arm and right machine gun arm. The backpack is a separate piece that can be made detachable with Blu-Tack, rare earth magnets or pinning.

The pewter 30mm base with a tech deck plate design can be used as is or covered with flock for outdoor battles. The model is supplied unpainted and assembly is required.