Armed Apes now available from Ainsty Castings

Ainsty Castings has some new Damn, Dirty Apes! *shakes fist* available over in their webstore.

From the release:

Armed 28mm Apes are now available from Ainsty Castings. These are the first two packs of this range. Apes armed with both SMG’s and Assault Rifles. both packs contain 5 different miniatures and cost £10 per pack.

  • 4tonmantis

    If there were 10 in a pack and slightly better for conversion this would be very cool.

    • Lemminkaeinen

      5 28mm minis for £10 seems like a pretty good deal already.

  • Soulfinger

    It’s a mad house! A mad house!

  • Minions for Pulp City?


  • cama

    Would an ape make a human doll, that talks?