Armaments In Miniature site update

Armaments In Miniature have posted an update to their website with some news abut changes to their website and some new product releases.

From their website:

Armaments In Miniature LLC will not be at HMGS-East’s Historicon ’10 at the VFCC. A scheduling conflict prevented us from attending this year. I do hope to stop in on Saturday afternoon for a visit if we can make it. I hope everyone who attends Historicon ’10 has a great time, buys many products and wins all of the games that they play.

We have an ambitious schedule for our new line of 1/200 scale aircraft models and we hope to have our web site updated to reflect our complete line available now and our proposed additions in the near future. This line includes WW II aircraft, Korean War aircraft, Vietnam War aircraft and missiles, Arab-Israeli Conflicts aircraft and Falkland Islands War aircraft.

New flight stands and maneuver devices are available for the “CY6” and “WoW” rules.

We have added a section in “Air war games In Miniature” to include “Wings of War” products for air war games and Armaments In Miniature LLC produced “WoW Style” accessories such as flight stands, mats, aircraft models and decal sets.