Arkon Card Game Coming To Kickstarter In 2018

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 29th, 2017

Hill Gaming Company has been pulling together some of the best card game artists and designers out there to bring you Arkon, their first card game. In the game, players are looking to control the clans in the Wildlands. Innovative mechanics within the game include bidding as well as multi-use cards. Their Kickstarter campaign will be getting underway in February of next year.

About the game:

In Arkon, players assume the identity of a mysterious outsider and vie for control of the fractured clans of the Wildlands. Arkon creates unique gameplay through a number of dynamics. First, all cards have multiple ways in which they can be played, which creates more options and strategic depth. Second, with Arkon we wanted to take a novel look at resource systems. Unlike conventional systems we wanted something that had more tradeoffs and created more interaction and that is what led us to bidding. With bidding, all players are involved on every turn. Finally, Arkon is a game where your decisions matter but you are never out of the game – there are a variety of cards that swing the game back in your favor. Creating this careful balance between implementing comeback effects, while not making the game luck-contingent on draws, was a careful balancing act. We are glad to have team members like Tyler Hill, gold level professional Magic the Gathering Player, to guide us!

Hill Gaming Company, an indie tabletop gaming publisher, is launching their pilot card game, Arkon, on Kickstarter on Feb. 1st, 2018.

Arkon is an innovative game designed for quick accessible gameplay. With a range of novel mechanics from bidding to multi-use cards, Arkon has a low barrier to entry but deep depth of strategy and replay value. Arkon also has a team of incredibly talented artists and designers, with pedigrees ranging from working on Magic the Gathering to Game of Thrones TCG (Trading Card Game).


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  • Casey Hill

    Excited to bring this 2+ year endeavor to the masses! A lot of information can be found on the website at and we also have a Facebook event up for the launch:

  • William Anderson

    So amped for this

  • Jasmin Torres

    I had a preview copy of the game. I wanted to share my view of the game with the world.

    Dude – this game is FUN.

    The game is super easy to learn, but keeps it interesting by allowing different strategy.

    First game took about 35 mins from start to finish. That included time to read and explain the instructions to all of the players. After that the game averaged around 15/20 mins per round. It’s a great in between game, and great on the go. It does require a table, but during play you don’t need a whole lot of space, making it great to keep in my purse when I have idle time on the go.

    The game itself is beautiful. The artwork has a thematic style. The cards are interesting and lovely, and tell a story all on itself. The box art and instruction page are similarly themed and very easy to read/understand. The cards themselves have great descriptive text and it’s easy to understand what benefits you get from the cards.

    Overall I thought the game was a great time. I’m looking forward to the kickstarter – I’ll be ordering a few extra sets to gift out to other gaming friends! Thanks team Arkon!

  • Stephanie Cuevas

    I’ve been looking for a new strategy card game. What would you say the game is most similar to?

    I’ll keep an eye out for the kickstarter. The graphics look epic too. Good job!

    • Casey Hill

      Hey Stephanie! It’s played from one central deck, so in that sense it has commonalities to games like Star Realms or Karmaka. It’s not a deck builder though, instead it is focused around flexible card use (so your cards can be used in many different ways) and bidding, which is a unique resource system we wanted to employ. Thanks for your interest!

  • Daniel De Angelis

    Looks awesome, how do I get early bird deal on kickstarter? I mean, what is the starting date of this campaign? Will for sure buy a deck.

  • Janessa Tran

    I’ve played a preview copy of this game and it’s pretty legit. It’s fun, fast, and you can replay it multiple times and still have the game be interesting. Already giving me something to look forward to next year, can’t wait for the Kickstarter to launch!