Ares Games launches Age of Conan Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 9th, 2014

Ares Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Age of Conan board game.

Age of Conan


From the campaign:

A relaunch of the game, with an all-new expansion focusing on the life and adventures of the greatest fantasy barbarian ever, and more!

Age of Conan is an epic fantasy strategy boardgame for 2 to 4 players. It was first released internationally in 2009, in 6 languages.

The game pits the four most important Hyborian Kingdoms – Aquilonia, Turan, Stygia and Hyperborea – in a fight for supremacy involving war, intrigue and sorcery. Conan, the barbarian hero created by R.E. Howard, is a powerful presence, but he’s very hard to control! He may help or hinder your plans, while pursuing his own adventures to win treasure, women, and glory.

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  • Soulfinger

    Or buy the expansion for $25 and wait until Fantasy Flight liquidates their existing stock of the base game during their Christmas sale for $20 or so. Although I’d wait and buy the expansion at discounted retail since you only get cardboard spy tokens with the KS instead of the plastic figures that the retail version will come with — unless they hit that stretch goal.

    • tuco

      That Christmas sale that FFG runs each year is awesome. I rounded out my Tannhauser collection with stuff that was previously Con-exclusive, as well as my 1st Ed. Descent collection with, again, con exclusives. Paying less than 50% of retail is always a good feeling.