Ares Games and Gremlin Project announce “Galaxy Defenders” board game

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 18th, 2013

Ares Games has teamed up with Gremlin Project and they will be bringing you the Galaxy Defenders board game.

From the announcement:

The games publisher Ares Games and the board game design studio Gremlin Project are joining forces to bring to the market the Galaxy Defenders game, a cooperative tactical game in which up to 5 players fight together against an incoming alien menace. Created by Nunzio Surace and Simone Romano and inspired to the Sci-Fi cult movies of the 80s and 90s, the game will feature high-detailed 40 mm scale miniatures and an innovative A.I. system to control the alien invaders.

In Galaxy Defenders, each player takes control of one agent with unique powers trying to defend the planet from an alien invasion. The battle for Earth against the aliens develops in a series of scenarios organized in a story-driven campaign. Scenarios remain balanced independently of the number of players.

“When Gremlin Project approached us with the Sci-Fi game they developed, we appreciated both their enthusiasm and their highly professional attitude. Their approach of game design and development is very close to ours, and we think that Galaxy Defenders will be a great addition to our product line”, said Christoph Cianci, CEO of Ares Games.

“We are proud of this partnership, as we consider Ares Games a leading company in the international gaming market due to the uncontested quality of products like War of the Ring and Wings of Glory. We have in common the passion for games, and Ares products are created by gamers for gamers, just like we do. We aim to become a key partner of Ares Games in the future”, declared Simone Romano, co-founder of Gremlin Project together with Nunzio Surace.

Galaxy Defenders will be launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform on April 16, 2013

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  • cama

    By 16 April 2013, Ares Games means that will be the day they announce the delayed release; followed by two more, and maybe something else after that.

    Think of it as a suggestion rather than a real date.

  • Cherno

    Haters gonna hate 😉

    • Soulfinger

      But what would you advise “playas” to do in this case?

      • cama

        Word! Pull my soulfinga!

  • Hi,

    I’m Simone Romano of Gremlin Project, I’m one of the authors of the game 🙂

    I can assure that we are working hard to finalise the game in the best way and that there are no delay in program 😉

    I can anticipate that the game style takes the feeling and essence of any Sci-Fi product of the 80s and 90s period …
    … starting from U.F.O. VideoGame, Aliens, Predator, MiB movies and so on.
    So, if you like these atmospheres probably you will love this game too!

    We have called many great artists for GD, such:

    Raffaele Stumpo [miniatures sculpt]
    Mario Barbati of 0OneGames [Modular Map Design]
    Fernando Peniche [Great Artwork]
    Matrioskart Studio [Graphics]
    Ares Games and Roberto Di Meglio [Publisher]
    and many more!

    I’m preparing some material dedicated to “Tabletop Gaming News” to permit a nice preview of our work, give me few days more …i really hope you will enjoy it 😉

    If you wish to follow us you can visit the Official GD WebSite and the FaceBook Fans page also.


    Agent S.

  • Bewulf

    The teaser has me interested. I will be looking for more news on this.

    Two things that currently trigger my “Do not back”-reflex:

    1) 40mm scale miniatures.

    That is a very … unusual … choice. I do not recall a game ever benefiting from picking an uncommon scale for its miniatures when a more commonly used scale would have worked too. Maybe there is a reason for choosing this scale, but until that is explained I would view going 40mm as a bad choice.

    2) “Available on Kickstarter”

    Kickstarter is NOT a store. That Gremlin Project / Ares Games openly plan to use it that way disturbs me, as it transfers all risks to the backers.

    • Hi,

      I wish to “try” to dissolve some doubts …


      To be honest is really difficult to assign a standard scale, I prefer to say: 40mm scale because most of our miniatures are over 40mm …yes, ours aliens are pretty BIG 🙂
      And most of the humans are pretty near too.
      Probably for many people will be better to define our game as a
      game with 32mm “heroic” Scale miniatures [due to the eyes height of the smallest agent (a standard man)] and a LOT of BIG ALIEN miniatures…

      Please wait until next Friday, I’m preparing a photo comparison with some famous games, so you can judge by yourself, for my eyes the final result looks great!
      Hope it will be the same for you guys 😉

      2) I know very well that KS is not a store, and for this reason Gremlin Project was Born in 2011… The GD Project is really ambitious, it involves many skilled artists, all of them are already been paid for their work, so, believe me, the risks
      are on our shoulders , and we can carry all the risks and many more without problems because we believe in this game and
      on the quality of the people who works with us.
      The Kickstarter Platform can help the GD project increasing the components of the game such: additional miniatures, maps, missions and much more… and most important can permit to bring the life in the GD Project.

      The partnership with Ares Games was born for two main reasons :

      First of all because we are board game players like all of you, we love games and Ares can publish high quality products,
      we are a game design studio not a publisher… Ares is a professional company focused on creation but also on production and we are more than confident about the results of this partnership.
      And last but not least… because Roberto Di Meglio is a good friend and a really skilled board game players! 🙂

      Please Stay tuned and probably you will get all the informations you need to judge by yourself if pledge the game or not during the upcoming KS 😉

      Agent S.

      • cama

        All my doubts are dissolved! Like my hope and dream that the WW1 planes would ever come out on time from Ares, or that this game will happen on time.

        But really, go starter!

        • Ares-Roberto

          Cama, as I wrote in another thread – I am sorry that your shop does not receive our WW1 airplanes in time. That’s definitely not Ares’ fault though. And it’s not like our airplane packs are a lifeline you depend upon – I can not really understand this amount of anger. To clarify to the who read this discussion.
          Generally speaking, while it’s true that Ares Games does have some delays (99% of the game publishers do, for a number of similar reasons), I think that considering that the company was born in late 2011, we’ve had an impressive performance in getting things done.
          We’ve released THREE waves of WW1 airplanes in less than 1 year, and we’ll have a fourth one in the 1st semester of 2013. This means, 4 waves in under 18 months. The previous publisher got out 4 waves of WW1 airplanes in 3 years (from 2007 to 2010). So we’re not perfect, ut it’s not correct to fire cheap shots at a project and a company just because you don’t like the company. There’s no reason why this game should be delayed like you suggest. We’ve released about 32 products in 14 months since the company started, which I think is a pretty good achievement for a young company like Ares is. SOME of these products have been delayed 2 to 3 months, some have been 100% on time. And when there’s a delay (which can always happen, as our products are more complex than your average deck of cards or unpainted metal mini) we communicate them months in advance to our customers. Fortunately, the “silent majority” of our customers is quite happy of how Ares does things. In any case, you’re welcome NOT to back the projects if you don’t trust us, of course. Crowdfunding requires a level of trust between our backers and us, and clearly you don’t have that.

          • Soulfinger

            You may want to take a look at some of Cama’s other comments before you worry too much. He is in second place for mockery. It is I who is in first place. I AM THE CHAMPION!

    • Ares-Roberto

      Bewulf, the words “available on Kickstarter” are not in Ares’ press release. They’re used in a catch-phrase on the website (sometimes summarizing a concept in one word may bring a result which is less than perfect, sure) but we know well what KS is. We’re not treating crowdfunding as pre-orders (indeed, many companies are doing that – not us). We’re perfectly able to do pre-orders if we need them – Ares just did this for the Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth. The reason why we need crowdfunding for Galaxy Defenders and Sails of Glory is that they are very ambitious projects, and they DO need funding to get properly launched and developed. Ares is still a small company, and while we have a few great games in our portfolio, we’re still at a stage where launching two projects which can turn into major product lines is an effort which goes beyond our current ability. So we could just wait to launch these games until we generate more revenues from our existing lines – and don’t publish these games in 2013, or possibly only one of them – or try to get funding for them. I don’t see what’s wrong with this. There are no risk to backers. Both Sails and Glory and GD are fully developed in pre-production, and the funding will go to cover printing costs and development of expansions. If the projects get funded, they will get published FOR SURE. In any case, this will all be explained in the “Risks and Challenges” when the KS begins.

  • Bewulf

    Thanks to both of you for the exhaustive replies. Now that you have explained in detail it seems my concerns were more the result of poor wording than due to any faults of the project.

    I will do as suggested and “stay tuned”, eagerly awaiting more information.

    Best of luck for your project.

  • Hi guys,

    We have just opened the Gallery section on our website, miniatures and map revealed 😉

    On BGG or Facebook you will find also the miniature scale comparison with some famous board games.

    Agent S.