Arena: the Contest Board Game Kickstarter Running Now

A new dungeon-crawl board game is about to hit the block. Dragori Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Arena: The Contest. Grab your heroes and head into the dark spaces to clear out the monsters, vanquish the evil, and, most importantly, get that loot! The game can be played solo, cooperatively, or competitively.

From the campaign:

Arena: the Contest is a turn-based tactical miniature combat boardgame for 1-8 players of all experience levels, featuring 2 game modes: a Player x Player team competition, and a Cooperative dungeon crawler (with solo mode and Epic Campaign).

The most unique Hero of the game is available for FREE to anyone who pledges $89 (or more) in the first 24 hours of the Campaign! The Harun add-on is a Kickstarter Exclusive, and will be available for $7, if you wish to back the project later, or get additional copies.

Harun’s got the only ability you execute before the match even begins: you may choose what Combat Role he is to perform! Your Team could use a Healer? Needing another melee fighter? No problem!

The Kickstarter is more than 6x funded with still 29 days to go.