Arena Rex Starter Sets Now Available

Red Republic Games continues to expand the possibilities with Arena Rex. The webshop is up. The first of the post-Kickstarter models is out. Now they’ve got starter sets to help guide you into playing the game.

Each starter comes with three figures, a rulebook, and a tactics card that helps remind you of what your Ludus’ unique benefits might be. It’s the perfect jumping-on point for anyone interested in this arena combat game set in a fantastical ancient Grecian/Roman setting.


  • Drew Olds

    I’ve had the chance so far to paint two of these beauties. They are much closer to something you’d get from one of the finer boutique miniatures companies (ie- Guild of Harmony, Kingdom Death, Studio McVey, Infamy).

    Great sculpts. I’ll need to check out the rules sometime.

    • I’ve tried the rules with the p’n’p set and the game plays GREAT. Very simple rules, but deep gameplay. I could not recommend it more.
      To the other hand, I would like to get some more infos about the minis: sure they look beautiful, but being so thin and in resin, I’m a bit worried they’re not suitable as gaming pieces (too fragile). Any comment/insight on this aspect would be greatly appreciated.

      • Boomer Adama

        They are definitely not fragile — well at least as good as
        resin can be. While not as overbulky as
        GW proportions, they still do appear a bit thicker (heroic?) than standard
        human frames. Also, as they are bigger, in the 35mm+ range, there’s definitely
        more material to keep them solid.

        • Drew Olds

          I don’t think they’ll be too troublesome to play with. They could be broken, sure, but I’ve gamed with similar resin minis without busting any (for RPGs mostly).

          Now, I wouldn’t put them through Victoria Lamb’s Bone tests…

        • Good to know. Thank you!
          (to both of you)