Are you ready for the XenoShyft?

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
May 8th, 2014

CoolMiniOrNot has their teaser video for their new card game, XenoShyft up.


From the post:

CoolMiniOrNot is proud to announce the Kickstarter date for our upcoming Strategic Survival Horror Game, Xenoshyft! Xenoshyft is a departure from the standard CoolMiniOrNot game. Using no miniatures, Xenoshyft will provide players will the same quality they have come to expect from CoolMiniOrNot, but this time in the form of consistent, beautifully rendered cards.

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  • No minis? No interest… Sorry…

    The setting screams for a skirmish game!

    • grimbergen

      I was curious about this also, but it would conflict with Sedition Wars. I think CMON at this point doesn’t want to have too many product lines of similar genres/themes.

      • 4tonmantis

        After Sedition Wars, I’ll never go near a CMoN project… so they don’t have to worry about that. I also have bought into way too many CCGs that are here one day and gone the next (oh Lunch Money, Illuminati, Rage, Shadowrun, etc etc how I only kinda sort of miss you all.. especially those games I can’t even remember the name of…).

  • Smokestack

    Same thing I said for Dogs of War. The concept art would have made great minis…

  • wormwoode

    The name really bums me out. It’s just too corny for me. I can’t imagine myself pitching “Xenoshyft” out loud to my game-minded friends. Sounds like a band that would’ve opened for Korn or something.

    • Soulfinger

      I’d assumed a “Fast Paced Game of Alien NASCAR, where you have to Xenoshyft into first gear or eat space dust!” I do like that the cards are “consistent.” No worries about one being 4″ x 6″ then another 3″ x 2″ with Monotype Corsiva font.

    • BaconSlayer

      You aren’t looking forward to the XenoFyber sports drink tie-in?

      • Soulfinger

        You kidding? I’m Xenoshyfting my pants!

    • AccessDenied

      There’s something Xenoshifty about this.

      Actually, it’s pretty clever considering the quality concerns about some of their past minis games. Can’t complain about the minis if there aren’t any minis.