Arcknight launches silly KS, creating tokens for VTT programs

Arcknight launched a little Kickstarter campaign to create sets of tokens for VTT RPGs.



From the campaign:

I don’t know what you think is fun, but I love tabletop roleplaying, and the concept of modern online VTT’s like roll20, Playsets, and 3D Virtual Tabletop excites me even more. So I sat down to make my own online adventure, import some maps, and ran into a little problem: I needed tokens… heroes, monsters, horses (… well probably not horses) and without these things my online tabletop experience came to a screeching halt. I had two options: import my own (bad) tokens or buy some (bad) tokens from an online store. It’s probably more common than not that like me, you don’t have 100+ correctly sized transparent .png hero tokens on your computer.

And that is how this project was born!