Arcane Legions Warband announced

Wells Expeditions have announced the Arcane Legions Warband.

Arcane Legions Warband

From their website:

The Arcane Legions Warband contains everything 2 players need to declare war. Included in this special offer:

  • 120 plastic, 25mm, deco-print–enhanced, unpainted figures (40 per faction)
  • 3 prepainted 25mm commander figures (one per faction)
  • 44 unpainted, cavalry figures
  • 19 plastic formation bases
  • 15 plastic sortie bases
  • 21 formation unit cards and associated special ability cards
  • 3 sortie unit cards and associated special ability cards (one per faction)
  • 3 Victory cards (one per faction)
  • 2 control terrain markers
  • 1 movement tool
  • 36 dice
  • Complete Rules and Fiction Book
  • free- 2 blocking Terrain Tiles
  • free- 2 hindering Terrain Tiles

3 full armies. 167 figures Over 250 game pieces. Free terrain tiles $59.99 MSRP

Warband contains Arcane Legions WLS001, WLS012, WLS013, WLS014 and is presented in the products’ original format. Free Terrain tiles are presented separately.