Arbonte’s Menace starter on sale

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Feb 26th, 2011

Zenit Miniatures is now selling copies of the Arbonte’s Menace starter set for their Nemesis fantasy skirmish game.

Arbonte's Menace starter set

From their website:

 Now in sale in our online shop the starter box the Arbonte´s Menace, if you buy in our online shop before March 25th you can get a free the limited editions miniature of Zonik.

NP005 49,95€ ( English edition )
Content of the box

  • 10 resin miniatures
  • 2 resin terrain elements ( made by Escenorama )
  • 2 dice
  • Nemesis Rules book (136 pages)
  • Arbonte’s Menace booklet

  • Repeter

    Any English versions for this? I do love the minis…

    • Zac

      English version of the rules is in the box

  • Repeter

    Does anyone know of plans to release this in English? I do love the minis…

  • Nemesis

    Have a look here :

    Both the starter and the rulebook (which is also sold separately) have an english version.

  • wildger

    Does anyone try this game before? How is it?

  • Nemesis

    Haven’t played it yet but I’ve read the 1.0 beta rules (which were not professionnaly translated). Don’t know how much this set of rules will differ from the beta rules (the upcoming book contains the 2.0 version – professionnally translated).

    The game is like a mix between Reaper’s Warlord and Confrontation (don’t be afraid it is not as complex as Confrontation).

    It’s a skirmish game BUT with very small units instead of individuals only. There is a “command” point allowance system but the game is interactive with charges and countercharges, fire – counterfire etc…