AntiMatter Games’ ShadowSea rules now at Saber’s Edge

ShadowSea  coverSaber’s Edge is selling the PDF version of AntiMatter Games’ ShadowSea rules.

From their announcement:
Saber’s Edge Hobbies and Games is pleased to offer AntiMatter Games’ ShadowSea fantasy rules.

ShadowSea is a tactical miniatures game set in a sunless world, lost to history until seekers of fortune ventured into the nighted depths to confront the rulers of the ancient seas and guardians of forgotten relics.

Game sessions can be simple and quick, taking less than an hour, or can be linked to grand campaigns, where warbands quest for lost artifacts across a sunless land with underwater citadels, forests of towering fungal trees, and ruined cities infested with hungry creatures.

The game rules for ShadowSea are based on the Song of Blades and Heroes (SOBH) ruleset by Ganesha Games, and are designed for fast and furious play with plenty of heroic action, channeling of arcane magic, and adventures in a lost underground world, resolved with a few rolls of 6-sided dice.

Six unique forces search for ancient artifacts and golden treasures through crumbling ruins, trap-filled catacombs and underwater citadels.

ShadowSea has many features that make it a flexible gaming system that is perfect for beginners but deep enough for experienced gamers.
• Simple rules that can be learned in one game, using 6-sided dice for rolls for combat, physical activities, spellcasting, using ancient technology or any other action during the game.
• Fast gameplay, lasting 30-45 minutes, with game models on each side alternating their turns of activation so that all players can stay in the flow of the game.
• Small warbands of 6-12 models, so that anyone can have a warband destined for glory without spending a fortune.
• Easy movement rules based on three measurement sticks.
• Tabletop play allows players to build a map on any 1 meter-square surface without the need for a grid. Just add scenery and start the game.
• No bookkeeping. The models in a warband are represented by a basic block of two statistics and a few special abilities.
• Campaign progression allows a warband to increase in power as it wins battles along an epic campaign across environments spanning fungal forests, ruined cities, underground temples, and shadowy underwater citadels.
• Magic and technology interweave in the Underlands. Warbands may battle using arcane magical spells or ancient technological weapons in the mysterious underground realm.
• Action based gameplay means that models have many choices of actions besides simply whacking each other across the skull. Leap chasms, climb pillars, break through walls, set explosives or try something unexpected.
• Six complete forces battle in their quest for ancient artifacts. Over 300 heroes, fiends, wild creatures, ethereal demons, ancient mechanical constructs and stygian monsters.

$14.99 USD (PDF format)