AntiMatter Games posts updated Dragonblood cards

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
May 21st, 2014

AntiMatter Games updated some classic Dragonblood cards that have been incorporated into ShadowSea.
Note: Some topless women models through the link.



From the post:

The game cards for the original Dragonblood miniatures that we incorporated into the ShadowSea line are now done. We had to finish editing the roster and point values but finally finished that part and could do the cards. Some never had real concept art so they use the painted figures.

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  • Disgruntled Goat

    Antimatter’s card layouts are just hideous. Howabout you make the important gameplay info in a font that’s large enough to be readable instead of sucking up so much of the card with a giant useless picture of the miniature.

  • I have yet to see a tabletop miniatures game publisher design clear, readable unit cards. They all seem stuck in the same bad design habits. Small text, drop shadows or black outlines, bad typography and font choices, obtrusive graphics, it goes on and on. And they all require endless flipping from front to back throughout a game. For my own gaming, I had to completely redesign the cards from Confrontation, AT-43, Hell Dorado and Sedition Wars to make all those games playable, and it now looks like I’ll have to do the same for the upcoming Wrath of Kings.

    Publishers just don’t approach unit cards from a professional visual communication perspective – i.e., what will make these cards USABLE. They can still look good, but function is paramount.