AntiMatter Games Posts Carangaform Preview

The ocean is full of wonders… and horrors. And, I mean, I can’t say for certain that there aren’t swarms of mechanized piranha fish, ready to rip the flesh from your bones in seconds, I can’t rule it out, either. So, if you ask me, I’ll keep my deep-sea diving to the tabletop with DeepWars, because there, at least I know I can take on the models of mechanized piranha fish, which is what we get a preview of here from Antimatter Games.

From the post:

Here are a couple of photos of the WIP Carangaform mech swarm for the Ancients of Atalan. It’s about ready to send to the printer.


  • odinsgrandson

    Piranhas are freshwater fish.

    At least, the ones we know about. Is that why they need to be cyborg piranhas?

    • I was gonna say, “Sure, regular piranhas live in fresh water, but the CYBORG piranhas!!!” 😉

      • Eric Louchard

        They’re actually robo-pompano with a bad attitude (family Carangidae).

  • Paul Burton

    Super excited about these!!!! Perhaps there are areas of the Shadowsea that are like the Mexican Cenote’s that have both fresh water and sea water separated by a layer of hydrogen sulphate… I mean, that’d fit perfectly!

    • Eric Louchard

      There are “blue holes” in the ShadowSea game that connect the underground ocean to lakes to the underground “land” caverns, with water levels rising and falling with the tide, though that is different that what you are talking about. These are mechs though, so they don’t really need to worry about salinity. They just follow commands and chew through everything.