AntiMatter Games begins ShadowSea Kickstarter campaign

AntiMatter Games launched their ShadowSea Kickstarter. The hope with the campaign is to fund a new version of the game, complete with new starter forces.

From the campaign:

AntiMAtter games has ust started the ShadowSea -Battle for the Underlands kickstarter run! This takes the combat above and below the sea, with rules that are compatible with DeepWars. Players can have land and sea adventures, exploring submerged citadels with air-filled and flooded sections using mixed warbands or marine and terrestrial warriors. We will be adding a new video soon with more art and information. Minis are being sculpted already so we will show some WIP sculpts later on.

  • So, what is the difference between this game and Deep Wars?

    • Looks like in this game the miniatures don’t need diving.

  • blkdymnd

    Some of the Deep Wars models are supposed to be able to crossover also

  • farseer

    Shadowsea was the Antimatter Games original land based skirmish game based on Ganesha Games core rules. The rulebook had a couple of pages on how to do some underwater rules. Deep Wars expanded on that by making a full set of underwater combat rules and making them a major part of campaign play within the universe.

    This Kickstarter is to update Shadowsea into the 2nd Edition, updatingn and exapanding the rules to be inline with the DeepWars ruleset and creating formal starter boxes of factions. All said, this is to make the game a true product line as opposed to a ruleset with a spattering of miniatures created all willienillie. The original game miniatures are/were carried by Cavalcade Wargames under the Dragonblood Miniatures line.

    Deep Wars and Shadowsea use the the same core rules with obvious tweaks based on environment. Since the core rules are the same as well as the backstory and universe, you can play campaigns where the treasures, artifacts and ether crystals (the power source in the game) that are recovered during game play in one game can effect your factions warbands in both games. ie. if the underwater warband plays a game revolving around an ancient wrecked sub and some ancient technology is found during gameplay while searching it, they can recover it, place into their “supplies” and perhaps the land based team can use it as well in their games as well. There are rules to accommodate this.

    Also some named characters are supposed to have minis in both games so they can get experience effecting both settings during gameplay. And as mentioned by blkdymnd, some models are cross compatible and can be used in both games (i.e. most Dark Mariners and some others)