Antenociti’s Workshop website move underway

Antenociti’s Workshop is working at moving to a new web server.

From their announcement:

Our move to a new server and new shopping cart system is underway.

We anticipate some issue with DNS resolution as various ISPs update their records. In the meantime the old store has been closed completely and the new store is only open for browsing at the moment (as we are waiting for changes to be done on our ESSL).

Old account details have been transferred including any loyalty points and customers can ask for a “reminder password” to re-activate their accounts – so if you had an account on the old website all you have to do is request a new password on your email on the new website.

We anticipate that the new website will be open for business by Tomorrow afternoon: but it is in the hands of the IT-gods as to when the SSL is updated with the new records, so it may get pushed over to Thursday… we all know how reliable IT is.

More new once the site is up and running fully, including lots of new items, a new reward system, reviews, referral rewards and more.