Antenocitis Workshop previews Warthog Adv WIPs

By TGN Ross
In News
Mar 30th, 2012

Antenocitis Workshop posts a preview of their next Warthog.

From their preview:

WIPS of the 2nd-Generation Warthog.

Note the suspension system which allows you to raise the vehicle higher off the ground, these two are in “low” and “Medium” ride-height, you can really “stilt” the vehicle if you want to.

This version houses the standard TIP cannon which is controlled form inside the vehicle and can be lowered/raised over terrain, later versions have an alternative hatch with 3-barrel rail-gun (and gunner), and a couple of auto-turret options. These will be Interchangeable with the TIP cannon, so if you don’t glue it in place (use am magnet) you will be able to swap-out the different systems at will.

Price TBD, out at SALUTE 2012.

  • Myrthe

    Just as I was disappointed that Khurasan’s Light Vehicle (just down the page a bit) was 15mm THIS is shown and I’m a happy little camper again !!! Very cool !!

  • 😀
    Fantastic! (please tell me these aren’t 15mm only)

    Funny thing. I think this puts the Forgeworld release right below it to shame..

  • Beautiful stuff!

  • IndyMike

    I would like to see an AT-43 ONI vehicle next to this one. This model could possibly be a great addition to those wanting to complete that army.

  • Bebop

    Please tell me these are 15mm… I love hearing 28mm gamers moan about all the cool stuff in 15mm! 😉

  • Sevej

    This is 28mm 🙂