Antenociti’s Workshop Kabardin APC released

Antenociti’s Workshop have released a version of their 28mm Kabardin APC vehicle.

Kabardin APC

From their website:

The Novaya-Rus “Kabardin” APC is now in store.

This is the solid-cast version of the APC (the special edition will follow soon) which has a solid interior but still comes with optional hatches, heat-sink  , turrets and weapons.

The Kabardin costs £21.49p and is sized to fit 28mm figures such as Infinity, McVey, Hasslefree, MERCS, G.O.T. and similar.

  • Grim6

    That is a really nice looking vehicle! They have a nice range of vehicles on their web page.

  • Man, he constantly puts out good stuff. I just dont know what I can use it for.

  • 4tonmantis

    I’ve been dying for a wheeled APC.. I would happily use this as a Chimera 🙂 I’m just trying to work out how much that is in USD…

  • Another great release! hats off to Antenociti

  • According to Yahoo Finance, that would be $34-86 at the current exchange rate.

    The Antenociti vehicles are exceptional and are very much worth the price. I have seen these in the flesh at Salute and they are superbly detailed and cast. A Chimera from GW comes in at £20-50 ($33.25) and is a standard plastic kit…for less than $2-00 extra you get a much better looking vehicle, crisply cast in resin.

    I think the choice is obvious…

  • antenociti

    dont forget 20% VAT off for those outside the EU, other member discounts and free postage on orders of AW products over £25.00. 😉

  • as79

    The pictures show hatches open and a tiny bit of interior, but there’s no interior shots. Nice vehicle model though.