Another update on … updates

Hey everyone,

We’re coming down to the final days of my move here. The start of next week I make my way back down to GA to finally move into my new apartment. To say I’m ready to go and get started down there is an understatement.

Anyway, I’ve got some time for a little bit here on my notebook and will have updates scheduled for this weekend. So be sure to stop by and see ’em. By this time next week, we should be back to normal operations here.


  • Good luck with everything! Moving is such a chore!
    Unlike me, my neighbour had a trick to make moving easier: he did not have a lot to pack because, every six months, he’d always take most of his stuff out to the curb. Then, he would only keep what he had the energy to bring back into the house…

    • I’ve really been cutting back on my possessions. Everything I own fits in about a 6′ cube these days. It’s still the fact that I’ve gotta move it halfway across the country (not exaggerating 😛 ) that makes things difficult.

      I must say, though, I greatly appreciate all the support the commenters here have given me.

      And specifically, a thanks to CMON and even more specifically to David Doust for all the help and understanding in this move.

  • CrazyFish

    Just think of it this way… you’ve pared down so much of your stuff that you’ll have TONS of room in your new apartment for all the cool swag you’ll get from CMON!

    • My new apartment’s the size of a hotel room. Even if I walked in with nothing but the clothes on my back, there’s not “tons of room” for anything. :p

      • CrazyFish

        Well, you’ve probably filled your place with unnecessary things, like a bed. Get rid of those and you’ll be home free! 😀

        • Pewter and plastic minis aren’t comfy to sleep on and I wouldn’t want to accidentally crease my cards, so the bed’s sort of a necessity. :p

  • Sounds like the move continues to go well – enjoy the adventure.