Another Hephaestus Sighting at JoeK Minis

JoeK Minis gives us another look at their Hephaestus mini. They’ll be taking pre-orders for him soon.



From the post:

Good news everybody! Test casts of Hephaestus have arrived and they’re…just fabulous. Keep watching the FB page – pre-orders will start to be sold in the next few days . And *this* is what you’ll get (after a little bit of sticking )

  • Really like this big fella. Can imagine using it in lots of games. Great sculpt – looks like it’ll be great fun to paint.

  • 4tonmantis

    Yeah, looks like a Marut from Dungeons and Dragons Online. very cool

    • Soulfinger

      Or a Marut from D&D Offline. It is a great mini. I just wish it had a more dynamic pose instead of the old man waiting in line at the Golden Corral look.

      • 4tonmantis

        Ah, I wasn’t sure if Maruts were a thing in PnP. DDO doesn’t typically use things that aren’t but it’s cool to know they are for realsies 😀

        Hm.. my kids are getting into DnD.. this could be an evil surprise. I do agree on that pose though. Looks like with very little modification the hammer could be a walking stick or a cane.