Announcing Thundercloud Miniatures, a new miniatures company

Thundercloud Miniatures is a new miniatures company that has just opened up its doors. Why not go and see what they have to offer?

From the launch:

Thundercloud Miniatures are pleased to announce their launch this September. Their vision is to bring something a little different to the world of miniature collecting and gaming, providing the very best quality miniatures for use in RPGs, table-top games, or simply for the joy of painting.

Thundercloud Miniatures first releases see the Hiskari Bear Rider and The Shadow Dreadlord. Both 28mm true scale miniatures, these represent the first of a growing range of models for their upcoming game ‘Avendora’. In the coming months Thundercloud Miniatures will be releasing a growing range of fantasy miniatures as they release further information about their game and the world of Avendora.

To celebrate the launch they are running a special offer on their store to anybody who buys both of their starting miniatures. This offer is only avalible for September however so act quick if you wish to take advantage

Lead Designer Paul Murphy had this to say:

“Thundercloud Miniatures is a labour of love. I want to bring the gaming world a brand new table-top experience, both in the tactical challenges our games offer, and the modelling and painting opportunities presented by our talented team of designers. I really hope that you enjoy our miniatures, we still have a huge range of ideas that are making their way through the creative process and onto your table-tops.”

About Thundercloud Miniatures
Formed in 2013 Thundercloud Miniatures is run by two long term gamers and friends Paul Murphy and Richard Conway and based in Yorkshire UK.

Run with the aim of making miniatures and games of the highest quality Thundercloud Miniatures first game ‘Avendora’ is due for release in Spring 2014. They have also recent begun work on their second game under the working title ‘Prohibition’.

  • Gailbraithe

    That bear rider is awful. They’re insane thinking they can charge UK$18 for a sculpt of such poor quality.

    • Mahrdol

      If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing!

      • Soulfinger

        @ Mahrdol Ha! I think you have the wrong Internet, or are we welcoming a new moderator to the site?

        That said, Gailbraithe wasn’t being mean. He is allowed to have that opinion, which may quite possibly be an objective fact if you compare that model to equivalent figures from other manufacturers. Perhaps his viewpoint will be reiterated with more clarity, but if the company’s mission is to make “miniatures . . . of the highest quality” then it does appear that they have fallen short of that mark.

        • I was going to write

          “Ahh… Imagine a world with tone deaf people never being told they suck at singing.”

          Then I figured you’d take care of it anyway… Yet I feel the need to post-post this. Because it’s important.

          • Soulfinger

            You should have. It’s funnier than mine. I’ve seen so many people, writers and gamers in particular, bankrupt themselves by seeking enablement instead of addressing criticism. “If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all” is like a mantra for people who want to consistently generate crap in some egocentric vacuum.

          • OR…you just feel very much attacked by those words, suffering from logorrhea yourself. 😛

          • Soulfinger

            It’s true. I only lash out at others because of my own deep seated insecurities, which require at least 500 words to express properly.

        • Mahrdol

          That guy is about as subtle as a sledge hammer to the head. I think constructive criticism is fine like Haibane posted below but just slamming someone with “awful, insane” adds nothing to the discussion. Whatever the company mission, there is still a real person on the other end of the computer.

          • 4tonmantis

            Mahrdol, Gailbrathe may lack the artistic knowledge to properly critique said awful miniature.. It does suck to get non-specific feedback on your art (dunno if you’re the sculptor for that company or not) but you have to keep in mind, most people don’t expect the sculptor to actually see what they say. I caught that lesson a while back.. I had no clue whoever it was would read my post and said essentially the same thing.. only to have the artist and apparently all of his friends jump down my throat. Again.. most people don’t expect the actual sculptors to show up here so they just say general things. I wouldn’t critique a video game if it was terrible I would just say “man that game sucked”.. What you imply that you are expecting is more for actual forums than comments on a news article.

          • Mahrdol

            I have nothing to do with said company or product. I have seen sculptors and designers post here(not as much as they use to) and they probably don’t post here as much because of such comments. They probably are still lurking around. I try to post as if I am talking to the person in real life. Call me old fashioned I guess but why risk offending someone.

    • The concept sketch is quite nice and I remember thinking the green looked pretty good, but the painted up figure is a bit of a let down. I am sure I read somewhere it’s 60mm tall.

      Still I am looking forward to more from them as I do like where this is heading.

      • cybogoblin

        There’s certainly potential in the concept and scuplt, it just needs to be better painted and photographed.

        Take a look at how companies like GW and PP photograph their models. Low angle, nothing in the background, good lighting. That can do a lot to help sell a model.

    • What are “UK$”? Is that the equivalent of Eurodollar?

      Also, “awful”, “insane”, “such a poor quality”… Exaggerations are the tools of clowns and fools. Which one are you?

      • well, this belongs under the first post, obviously.

  • ferk

    Good luck guys. i’m not sure what scale these are. Love minis with a winter motif.

  • Haibane

    Bear looks good on the TGN preview pic but once you open the larger images on the mini company’s site it does become apparent that the sculpt is not quite up to the quality prevalant in the industry. Overall proportions and pose look okay, it’s just the detail on the fur, armour and rider that are below-par for such a large model (remember that’s a 50mm base).