Ambush Valley available for pre-order

AVFront.jpgAmbush Alley Games is now accepting pre-orders for Ambush Valley their Vietnam era rules expansion for Force on Force.

From their announcement:
Ambush Alley Games is proud to announce the release of Ambush Valley, a Vietnam conflict rules expansion for Force on Force!

Ambush Valley provides Force on Force players with all the theater specific rules necessary to bring the tense engagements of the Vietnam conflict to life on their tabletop, including campaign rules which will allow players to track the development of a platoon as it fights its way through a series of missions.

New rules include:
• Campaign Rules
• VC Tunnel Networks
• Tunnel Rats
• CS Gas
• Night Fighting
• Theater specific weapons (M60, M79, M14 Modified)
• Booby Traps
• Riverine Operations
• Point Men
• Kit Carson Scouts
• Spooky gunships
• Claymore mines
• Improvised Alarms
• Infantry Scout dog teams
• Civilians on the battlefield

Example organizations and vehicle write-ups are included for:
• US Army
• VC Local Force
• VC Main Force
• NVA Infantry
• NVA Sappers

Also included are six scenarios ranging from simple patrols to mechanized infantry assaults.

As always, we offer Ambush Valley in both print and PDF formats. The print version features a full color glossy cover and a B&W interior. PDF versions feature full color interiors. If you order a print copy, you will automatically receive both a full color PDF version of the rules and a printer-friendly PDF version. Customers ordering PDFs will receive both versions of the file as well.

Print copies may be purchased for $26 USD + S&H.

PDF copies may be purchased for $15 USD.

Force on Force is required to play Ambush Valley.