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Apr 18th, 2012

Ambush Alley teamed up with GameCraft Miniatures and has a quartet of new terrain pieces available for you.

From the release:

Allen Rockwell and I are pleased to announce that Gamecraft Miniatures and Ambush Alley Games have teamed up to develop a line of 15mm Science Fiction structures for use with Tomorrow’s War (or any other 15mm sci-fi game, for that matter)!

These buildings will be constructed of laser-cut MDF or top-quality resin and will be available directly from Gamecraft Miniatures. We intend to provide a mixture of building types, ranging from pre-fabricated, first-generation colony shelters to the shops and high-rises of an established metropolitan area. Mix the two types together for a futuristic shanty town in the shadows of an urban sprawl.

Fans of Gamecraft miniature’s buildings (and anyone who owns one is almost certainly a fan) will be well aware of the great detail and durable construction of these models. Fans of Tomorrow’s War will soon have a line of great model buildings custom built to fit the game’s gritty, hard-SF feel with nary a skull in sight!

The buildings feature laser etched detail, but for those of you who want more texture, raised detail sheets are also available to compliment the various structures!

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  • TheCapn

    I need these in 28mm scale for Infinity!

  • crushar

    WHY oh WHY is this not in 28mm for my Infinity stuff?!?!?!

  • gamecraftminiatures

    Guys, I’m looking into how/if it would effect my license with Ambush Alley if I was to produce these in 28mm.

  • Plenty of folks play Tomorrow’s War in 28mm. I’ve got no heartburn with 28mm versions of these buildings. Plus, I honestly hope SF gamers in general will get good use out of these buildings.

    Shawn Carpenter
    Ambush Alley Games

    • TheCapn

      I should mention that I also play Tomorrow’s War in 28mm!

      • Thanks, Cap! Allen and I talked about this and there are now some 28mm versions of these buildings available with more to follow! I hope folks have a lot of fun with them no matter what rule-set they use – although I obviously encourage people to try out my baby, Tomorrow’s War! 😉

        A little off topic – the new 28mm versions should work great with the latest Pig Iron figures. These could easily represent Kolonist shelters or mining structures in The Burn . . .


  • 28mm versions available here –

    More to follow!

  • gamecraftminiatures

    I just came back here to let you all know that the 28mm versions of most of the buildings are online now … but I see that Shawn has got my back on this one 🙂

  • TheCapn

    Thanks to both of you! Now then, come on pay day!!!